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Pepsi Jazz Caramel Creme

Is there a “Stages of Grief” for beverage purchases? There should be. Having some time, I think I’ll invent some for my recent impulse purchase: Pepsi Jazz Caramel Creme. Confusion Enjoyment Denial Bloating Nausea Fever Dreams Stage 1: Confusion I’ve … Continue reading

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Pringles Classes Up The Joint

Most of my close friends know that I have a weakness for impulse buying in convenience stores. Whenever I see a new drink or snack, I usually have to try it at least once. This has lead to some interesting … Continue reading

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Hello world!

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I realized we pretty much lived for food. It’s true. Weekends are planned on Monday. I research restaurants all week. We decide where to go, bring a camera, and order enough food to … Continue reading

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