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So much junk food, so little time

The past couple days have been a whirlwind of impulsively bought junk food.  Look for reviews of: Limited Edition Pepsi Summer Mix Pringles Bacon Ranch Cocoa Deli Belgian Chocolate Caramel Crunch Truffle Bar Limited Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks Chocolate Bubble … Continue reading

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Marsala, Marsala, (Tofu) Marsala

A couple weeks ago Katie and I took a break from dining out and actually decided to cook. Our friend Sabrina pointed me to a recipe for Tofu Marsala which seemed interesting. Always up for something new, we gave it … Continue reading

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That Pita Place – Naperville, IL

If it’s one thing Katie and I miss, it’s the falafel from Olive Branch in downtown Naperville. It was a tiny restaurant that could easily be passed up, but if they didn’t make the greatest falafel, falafel sandwiches and stuffed … Continue reading

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Crispy Waffles (now Tasty Waffles) – Romeoville, IL

Determined not to relive our: A) underwhelming, B) depressing, c) disgusting…experience at Oxford Street Cafe from the previous week, Katie and I decided that come hell or high water we would find Crispy Waffle and have a REAL meal…dammit! Of … Continue reading

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Spicy Cocoa Sloppy Joes & Whole Wheat Buns

With Katie starting a new CNA position she’s been working every other weekend, which leaves me with more time on my hands than usual. What does this mean? Time to experiment with some frakkin’ baking! The weekend usually means I … Continue reading

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Cho Dang Tofu – Naperville, IL

My food was delicious. Beyond delicious. I offered up a sample of the salad to everyone, but only reluctantly. Continue reading

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Oxford Street Cafe – Romeoville, IL

I’m sorry Carrabba‘s, I didn’t want to take your title away from you so soon. You really were the worst meal I’ve had in ages, until this past Friday. The new reigning champ is Oxford Street Cafe here in Romeoville. … Continue reading

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Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies, Part Two

As promised, I’ve returned with the recipes for the Root Beer cookies. This recipe garnered the most responses I’ve received over on my other blog in a long while. Apparently, people like food, and LOVE sugar. When I first read … Continue reading

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Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies

Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies Originally uploaded by twobites. Sorry I haven’t posted in the last couple days (for those few that read this), but I have good reason! I’ve been experimenting with food, and just finished my newest creation. … Continue reading

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Carolina Caramel – Chicago, IL

Indulgence. That’s usually the keyword when we hang out with our friends N8 and Elaine in Chicago. And our visit to Carolina Caramel was no exception. Located in the South Loop area (3 blocks south of Roosevelt Road), Carolina’s is … Continue reading

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