Oxford Street Cafe – Romeoville, IL

I’m sorry Carrabba‘s, I didn’t want to take your title away from you so soon. You really were the worst meal I’ve had in ages, until this past Friday. The new reigning champ is Oxford Street Cafe here in Romeoville. With the double whammy of bad food and apathetic service, with a dose of poor managerial skills, Oxford takes the crown of “Worst Dining Experience Ever”

With Katie having the morning off, we decided to go get some breakfast. We haven’t eaten a breakfast out in quite awhile, and decided to treat ourselves. With full intentions of checking out Crispy Waffles, also in Romeoville, I, pardon my French, fucked up the address. We were starving, and about 3-4 miles where we were supposed to be. Instead of making the trek, we instead settled for trying out Oxford Street Cafe instead. We should have driven the 4 miles.

Located at 38 S. Weber Road next to the Jewel in Romeoville, Oxford Street Cafe is very much your typical family owned restaurant. It may be a stereotype, but it felt like every Greek family restaurant I’ve ever stepped into. The menu also reflected that. There was nothing special about it, yet nothing stood out either. We were seated by the manager’s 8-year-old daughter after yelling she wanted to do it, and grabbing the menus from his hand. Our waitress stopped by asking if we wanted anything to drink, and then told us we would have to wait because they were out of clean glasses. Never mind that it was just turning noon.

I glanced over the lunch/dinner menu, but there wasn’t much or anything there for vegetarians. Looking at the breakfast menu, their Greek omelette (spinach and feta cheese) caught my eye, but I ultimately chose the apple cinnamon Belgian waffle. Katie went with the chocolate chip Belgian waffle. We also ordered a side of hash browns, because who doesn’t love shredded potatoes?

After delivering the food, we saw our waitress only once briefly, which was probably for the better. Katie’s waffle had maybe 2 dozen chocolate chips tossed on top, while my waffle seemed to have 3/4 of a can of canned apple pie filling dumped onto it. Katie took a bite of her waffle, looked at me, and whispered, “This isn’t good.” Not having paid attention to my waffles, I didn’t notice they were shimmering with gelatinous goo. It clung to my fork as I spread it around the waffle, and yeah, it was apple pie filling. If there was cinnamon, I didn’t notice it. The waffles themselves were nearly flavorless, relying heavily on the topping. Unfortunately, the hash browns didn’t carry any flavor either. While they weren’t greasy, they weren’t really anything.

We ate quickly, but not quickly enough to watch the manager yell at one of his staff not once, but twice on the floor in front of the few customers he had. The first time he reprimanded him for using the wrong type of container for soup. The second time Katie heard him grumble to the kid, “There’s 4 or 5 more just like you.” If the food didn’t makes us lose our appetite, the poor managerial skills did the trick.

To makes matters all the worse, it looked like the entire extended family was hanging out at the bar. When we went to pay our bill, some random guy wearing a ball cap and sweat shirt rang us up.

I couldn’t help but turn to Katie went we finally got out that it was the worst meal I’ve possibly had. The restaurant felt like it was about to close due to lack of business, and after getting mediocre food with a shocking floor show, I’m not surprised if that was the case.

Finding a good breakfast joint here in the suburbs isn’t easy. The best we’ve found so far has been Egg Harbor in Naperville. But, until we discover otherwise, we’ve easily found the worst.

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9 Responses to Oxford Street Cafe – Romeoville, IL

  1. Egglectic Cafe is one of the friendliest, tastiest Wheaton restaurants.

  2. D.J. says:

    That’s too bad. Would you think he would want customers, not chase them away Weird

  3. Sher says:

    I just got back from oxford st. cafe. I will NEVER go back. Although the food is okay, I have been a repeat customer because it is so convenient. I usually place my order to go, go to the Jewel & come back to pick up the food & pay.
    Today I went in, spoke w/ the same girl (the daughter, perhaps?). She recognized me. I told her I would be back in the 15-20 min wait. The owner was right behind her doing paper work; in a manner I can only say was completely rude and gruff, he told her “charge her”. The girl was embarrassed & told him that it was okay. “CHARGE HER!” he hissed under his breath. She was very embarrassed & rang me up. I came back 20 min later to find him getting ready to close early! What if I hadn’t got there in time? What a jerk.
    I should have just demanded my money back, or should have said ‘forget it’ and cancelled the order in the first place. Never again.
    Hey dude, I see why no one is in your place. Start looking for a steady job; I don’t think you’ll be open much longer.

  4. christine says:

    I went to this place for a Mother’s Day brunch and what a disaster. They were late (over 1/2 hour) setting up the food. When they did there were only about half the selections so we had to wait on the rest. Then the omelet bar (or counter in the back) never made my omelet. I was livid and will never go back. For a great breakfast try Crispy Waffle or Larry’s in Plainfield.

  5. TwobitMe says:

    Steve: I think Gradma Sally’s is on our to do list, we just haven’t made it out there yet.

    Joe: Crispy Waffle was fan-frakkin-tastic. Those crepes were outstanding, and I can’t wait to go try their baked pancakes.

    Mark: Thanks for the recommendation! That’s actually next on our list in our tour of Romeoville breakfast places. I hope to write up a list ranking our experiences, too.

  6. mark says:

    I think ya should try eggmans on rt 53 & 135th pancakes holy shit they are awsome trust me they got the best stuffed french toast around

  7. joe says:

    Crispy Waffle is pretty wonderful. the stuffed french toast is delicious, and the waffles are, as the name would suggest, crispy.

  8. Steve says:

    If in the Naperville Area check out Grandma Sally’s (i want to say it’s on odgen but I’m not sure) Probably the best Apple Cinnamon Waffle I’ve ever had…talk to the waitress first though, because they put some other weird shit on it and she’ll let you know. Get it with just Apple and Cinnamon, amazing.

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