Crispy Waffles (now Tasty Waffles) – Romeoville, IL

Determined not to relive our: A) underwhelming, B) depressing, c) disgusting…experience at Oxford Street Cafe from the previous week, Katie and I decided that come hell or high water we would find Crispy Waffle and have a REAL meal…dammit! Of course, if I would have bothered to double checked the address and NOT assumed I knew where it was, there wouldn’t have even been a review of Oxford Street Cafe.

But I did it for you. WE did it for you. Sacrificing our fragile minds for the betterment of suburban humanity, and RomeoVILLAINS in particular.

Crispy Waffle, located at 638 S Weber Rd #642, is in a developing area of Romeoville. That’s nice way of saying, “There ain’t shit else out there, yet.” It’s in a small strip mall area that also houses China China, and Cilantro Mexican Grill (review coming shortly). You can tell the surrounding area is going to be built up like mad though, because the ground has been razed, and “Retail lots available” signs mark the empty spaces. For all the folks who don’t want to drive to Bolingbrook, Romeoville is getting a Target in that area. Suck on that, world! We’re getting a Target!

So, short review: Crispy Waffle equals delicious.

The restaurant is open and bright with plenty of natural lighting. The atmosphere *feels* friendly and relaxed, if such a thing is possible. We were quickly seated, and our waitress was at the booth every few minutes checking to see if we were ready to order or had any questions.

The menu is wide and varied, making a choice difficult. There were plain waffles and specialty waffles. There are pancakes and oven-baked pancakes. I don’t even know what that means, but I’m willing to wait the 45-minute baking time to find out. There blintzes and French toast and crepes! Nutella-filled crepes! With a pleasant surprise, they even offer a vegetarian eggs benedict. What’s better? I’ve only covered 1/3 of the menu. You could make several trips to Crispy Waffle and still not repeat yourself. That doesn’t happen at a breakfast place often, especially if you’re vegetarian. You usually have the same few stand-by’s and nothing else.

My breakfast selection was the European Crepes, which were stuffed with Nutella chocolate and fresh cherries. That’s right, I said fresh. They were also HUGE. 3 of them filling a 12″ plate huge. Dusted with powder sugar and topped with more cherries, I was full before I was 2/3 done, but didn’t want to leave any behind. The crepes were light and fluffy, the cherries just the right level of tart, and the Nutella was chocolatey delicious.

Katie tried their chocolate chip waffles, which were done the proper way. The batter was filled with the chocolate chips, and it was generously doused in mini chocolate chips on top. The waffle was huge, and as the name of the restaurant says, crispy.

As a side dish we ordered some hash browns, which were grease free, and packed with red and green peppers, as well as onions. Quite tasty.

Some of the prices are a bit…uh…pricey, although that was mostly for their specialty dishes. The best part of the meal though, aside from the food, was that our waitress actually stopped by to talk to us about our meal. She asked what I thought of the crepes, because she has a customer who comes in every week and only orders that, but the waitress had yet to try them herself. It was just one of those things that made you think, “This place is pretty okay.”

You know how I know this is a good place? Writing this review made me hungry to go back. I’m upset that we didn’t go there yesterday or today, because now I want there Oven-Baked Large Apple Pancake. I must know what it is, and how it tastes. It’s large! With apples! And it’s a baked pancake! I must have it!

Crispy Waffle
638 S. Weber Road #642
Romeoville, IL 60446
Open 7 Days a week 6 AM – 4 PM

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49 Responses to Crispy Waffles (now Tasty Waffles) – Romeoville, IL

  1. liz says:

    The first time I ever went here it was Tasty Waffles, seems like it is the same staff and manager.
    When I went with my husband and sisters I loved it!! Now that I recently went I STRONGLY do not feel the same.
    It was a Saturday the place was super packed and food was not throughly cooked. They replaced our plate, but it’s not as good as getting it right the first time.
    The owner did not seems welcoming they didn’t even say “THANK YOU, or THANKS FOR COMING IN.”
    In my opinion, getting treated right and a smile go a long way. Next time will definitely not come back.

  2. MaryJo says:

    Food is amazing!!! Love this place and everytime I go I feel welcomed and loved. Staff is amazing 🙂

  3. Harry says:


  4. Tom says:


    • TwobitMe says:

      Thanks for the update Tom! I’ll change the title of the post.

    • dori says:

      OMG…..I so agree that this is the worst place ever. The management is terrible and RUDE. My husband ordered biscuits with his eggs, they brought us 2 hockey pucks and when we sent them back we got a disgusted look. To top it off we were charged for them. The owner told us no one ever complained and since we ordered them we had to pay for them!!!! Unbelievable!!! Never again and I do not recommend. Did he think the name change would help??? Try an attitude change buddy.

      • bob says:

        the food you eat is what keeps him living, no dah he is going to charge you for them?

      • NEVER MIND says:

        I had a similar experience with the owner of Crispy Waffle, which is now Tasty Waffle. He was annoyed that we overstayed our welcome….the owner was lucky that one of us(either me or one of my buddies) didn’t knock him out, he was BEYOND RUDE. We go to Breakfast Club, now…over by Jewel. Niko, the owner, is VERY NICE AND ACCOMODATING. Personality goes a LONG way….what kind of FOOL would be rude to his customers?! PISS ON TASTY WAFFLE.

      • Toty solari says:

        You are wrong…..give it an other chance…may be your mind was in a NEGATIVE moment…..this is a place where the owner is a friend for every person that comes in his restaurant. The girls….are just the best in the bussines….food is great, I am still waiting for a BAD DISH….none…..So try it again….if you come back take a moment and look around…..every body is having a great time, I go every week to restaurant in Chicago…..good ones and bad ones…..I travel a lot out of this country and I can appreciate o good dish and a good place. If you don’t like something one time GIVE IT AN OTHER CHANCE OR ASK AROUND WHY OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT AND YOU DON’T.

  5. javier says:

    they have a very poor service not include the rude manager they have ….. sorry if some people dont agree w me …

    • Tom says:

      Funny that you are the only one that thinks that Javier. That’s too bad!

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree! When I saw the name change I went back there hoping that the nasty greek manager was gone. To my suprise he’s not and he is now the new owner of Tasty Waffle. Awful food & service. Also raised all his prices. What a moron. I’ll drive out of my way to continue to go the Crispy Waffle in Shorewood. Food is great, staff is pleasant & friendly, prices are reasonable & the store is CLEAN!

      • Joe says:

        Laura, Thats too bad you feel that way. You are probably 1 out of thousands. But you’re comment won’t ruin business. First of all, prices were not raised I pay the same for what I paid before. Food is the same as Crispy Waffle in Shorewood. The only difference is the name on the building. NOTHING CHANGED. BUt who knows you were just probably put to type this on here and it will never change the regular customers opinions. You get for what you pay for 🙂 BTW you can eat off the floor in the kitchen. Im a customer and have been behind the kitchen. That’s to bad you have to be bitter like that.

      • bill says:

        r u kidding me. the menu is the same and the prices r the same. Who’s the moron?

      • bob says:

        new owner of tasty waffle? please he was always the owner & always will. dont get your hopes up for anything different in shorewood. would you rather have a dirty spick or greek serve you. please you cant tell the difference on the organization

      • NEVER MIND says:

        Hey Laura, go to Breakfast Club down by Jewel…Niko, the owner, is VERY NICE AND TOTALLY ACCOMADATING. That bitter Greek guy at Tasty Waffle acts like people owe him something for eating at his place…..he’s a RUDE “MALAKA” in my opinion. We ate there regularly for over a year, and ONE DAY HE WAS RUDE TO US FOR NOOOO REASON. To all you regulars of Crispy Waffle, which is now Tasty Waffle, you’d be WAY HAPPIER AT Niko’s Breakfast Club next door to Jewel.

    • NEVER MIND says:

      Javier “es no solomente”(not alone)!!…The owner of Crispy Waffle/Tasty Waffle now is a RUDE AHOLE. We go to Breakfast Club down by the Jewel….Niko, the owner is INCREDIBLY NICE AND THE SERVICE IS TOP NOTCH, THE FOOD IS BETTER AND BETTER PRICED. PISS ON TASTY WAFFLE!

  6. chad green says:

    I love this place, I work overseas and when I come home, besides Pizza this is the BOMB!! My wife and I love the food and service. I would recommond it to anyone who hasn’t experienced CRISPY WAFFLE!!

  7. rebecca green says:

    Could you please tell me if there is a way to purchase gift cards for Crispy Waffle via the internet?

  8. Nicholas says:

    First, Carol, you sound like a class person. Name
    calling when you disagree with someone is always the thing to do.

    Second, no matter how good the food may be, it
    won’t make up for rude and indifferent service. I
    understand that a customer’s attitude can play into
    the situation, but that’s not always the case. If you can’t deal with the public in a civil manner you should try to find another line of work.

    I had wanted to try the Shorewood location this morning since I’m less than a mile away, but I don’t
    need the grief. Besides, I may run into someone like

  9. carol says:

    yea go to ihop and eat old/microvable waffles dumbass

  10. Carmen says:

    The owner and manager are RUDE!!! I was there when an incident occurred and their lack of customer service, much less class, is APPALLING and INAPPROPRIATE! I will never return to this place ever..I can get bad service anywhere, but I won’t tolerate it for overpriced WAFFLES!! I’d rather go to IHOP!

    • Joanne says:

      wow really in which location because the one in Romeoville they have great service and their food is delicious. I am never disappointed!! 🙂

      • TwobitMe says:

        I love the one in Romeoville. It’s one of the few places I miss since moving to the city. Yeah, the manager is curt at times, but he reminds of one of those old Greek family restaurants. I get why some people are turned off by it, but I still think it’s one of the best breakfast joints in the area.

      • Dennis says:

        My wife and I go there twice a month at least. We come from Bolingbrook and I go to the VA clinic in Joliet. After the clinic we stop there to eat, breakfast or lunch. The food and service is fantastic. Yes the Greek manager keeps things hopping, but it must be a fair place to work. They keep the same staff and all the waitresses are fantastic and friendly. Makes my trips to the clinic something I look forward to. 🙂

      • TwobitMe says:

        I truly miss the Crispy Waffles breakfast. It became a weekly tradition between Katie and me, even going so far as to have my birthday there once. I’m glad to hear it’s part of your tradition as well.

    • Joe says:

      Then go to IHOP and get food poison! Crispy Waffle is the best in WILL COUNTY!!! Both locations!

      • NEVER MIND says:

        AAAA shut up….that Greek guy is a MALAKA. Niko, the owner at Breakfast Club by Jewel is a CLASS ACT compared to that low down degenerate that owns Crispy/Tasty/RUDE FUCK Waffle.

  11. Carol says:

    The Crispy Waffle in Shorewood is on South Rt. 59 just past Black Road.

  12. Jennie says:

    Thanks for the tip – we are going to try it this weekend. We live in Crest Hill – like your blog.

  13. Christine says:

    Yes, I am looking for a building for a restaurant.

  14. Sambo says:

    Where is the new Crispy Waffle on rt.59?

  15. MARIAN says:



  16. therese tusek says:

    Ineed directions from Woodridge,Il to the Waffle house in Shorewood,IL

  17. Maureen says:

    I was visiting my sister in Joliet over New Years, I am from Texas. We went there for New Year’s day breakfast, early, about 8 or so. Seated immediately. The food was excellent, corn beef hash skillet, pancakes, bacon, waffle, eggs, hash browns. Service was attentive but not intrusive. Agree that it would be a “once in a while” place, but definitely at the top of the list! Hope they go national, plane fare to Joliet is expensive!

  18. Steve says:

    I agree with Helen!…I think their food is excellent, I eat there alot and I don’t have any problems with the service what so ever. I don’t really understand why someone would need a menu especially if they are going to be dining in, they serve breakfast food it just happens to be way better then any other place around here.I also hope they never close!

  19. Helen says:

    I frequently visit Crispy Waffle and the food, staff and management are excellent! They are always busy. The weekends are a mad house, so why would you call to have a menu faxed over. To all the people that complain about small service restaurants who try to take care of their customers, keep going back to the franchises who serve you frozen crappy food and who could care less if you come back. Leave the outstanding places to the customers who actualy appreciate quality and the level of service Crispy Waffle offers. I hope they never close!!!!

    • NEVER MIND says:

      Uh, I don’t know what YOU are smoking, but that Greek guy that owns Crispy Waffle/Tasty Waffle is the RUDEST PIECE OF CRAP i’ve seen in a LONG time. I wanted to punch him out one time he was so rude. Breakfast Club down by Jewel is WAY BETTER.

  20. Vicki says:

    Crispy Waffle is to die for. Their Corned Beef Hash skillet is decadent and comes with a side of their fantastic pancakes. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Sunday mornings are hectic with long lines, but the manager keeps things running smoothly. We’ve never waited more than 20 minutes on a Sunday morning.

  21. Susan says:

    Crispy Waffle is great. Not only is the food delicious (and the coffee is wonderful), but the management and waitresses are always friendly and recognize us. It has quickly become one of our favorite places. I just wish they were open in the evenings past 4:00 p.m. We’d go there for dinner if we could.

  22. Kelly says:

    My husband and I had a great experience for our first trip to the Crispy Waffle, but on one Sunday morning we decided we were going to place an order to go since we were busy and we really wanted their bisquits and gravy. Now I realize that they are really busy on Sunday mornings but I called to see if someone could fax me a menu since I was unable to find their website. Whoever the guy was that answered the phone was incredibly rude and said that they were too busy to fax me right now. I responded by saying ok so I guess you don’t want my money and he said ok and hung up. He never even offered an alternative like faxing me later or giving me their website, if they even have one. What kind of business does that. I will never go back since I was treated that way. I agree with Christina that I hope their restaurant closes very soon!! That is no way to treat people and I will tell everyone I know about the incident and tell them not to give that place any more business!!!

  23. Cass says:

    the number that you have on this page for Crispy Waffle is wrong. The correct # is 815-439-8151. The number on the page is their fax number

  24. Christina says:

    I had visited Crispy Waffle several time since it opened, and WAS a big fan. Since my most recent visit, Friday 8/24, I no longer feel that way. My Aunt & I placed very simple orders(eggs benedict & duh a waffle)and it was wrong 3 times. My aunts waffle was raw 2 times, then finally so burned she could not eat it. I got the wrong hashbrowns & hard eggs. The waitress had no power to do anything, but the manager/owner just watched. He then went to the kitchen, but still nothing did not even come to the table to see what the problem was. When I was paying my bill, which no one offered to adjust, he came to the counter and said he can’t give free waffles all day. He proceded to tell us if we did not like it then go somewhere else. Nice way to keep customers. The ironic thing is that we would have came back again everyone has a bad day, but not with that attitude. I hope to see this restaurant closed very soon!

    • bob says:

      hope to see this resturaunt closed very soon? i hope your ass gets laid off!
      the reason why he would proceed to tell you to go somewhere else is because you are wasting his time .. get over yourself

  25. Pamela says:

    My visit to Crispy Waffle was not good at all. The blinds fell down, it had been tape up to the window and the waitress implied that we had touch the blinds instead of asking us if we were ok, she was very rude to us with the tone in which she spoke to us. The manager/owner came out, and we ask if the waitress that had been rude could also come out at the same time to listen to what we had to say, and the manager/owner was very rude too, he act as if he was not concern at all about our safety. The manager finally left and went to the back and the waitress came out and we explained to her how we felt about the way she had handle the blinds falling, and on top of all of this the manager/owner did not come out and say I’m sorry for how my staff reacted towards the two of you. The sad part about all of this is that we were not even sitting near the window when the blinds fell. In this case the customer is right. I will never go to Crispy Waffle again.

    • bob says:

      what else did you want the owner to do .. all he can do is ask if your okay? did you want him to get on his knees and plead of sorrow?

  26. Amanda says:

    They are building another crispy waffle on Rt. 59 in Shorewood, woo hoo!!

  27. Tea&Cookies says:

    now, that’s worth going to romeovilla for.

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