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Nice Cream, No Screaming!

I work for an ad trafficking company, so occasionally the abbreviated titles on some of the ads can be hilarious, gross, or in some cases both. We recently had a spot titled “Ice Cream Chicken,” which of course had many … Continue reading

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Chicago on a Tuesday

I’ve been slack in my duties.  When I started with Two Bites, I was hoping to do a post a day, but I keep forgetting that I have a “job” and a “life” outside of writing about food.  Until I … Continue reading

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Pizza in Romeoville

I thought I’d talk a bit about the pizza places around Romeoville, especially since I just gorged at Old World Original Pizza & Fat Ricky’s this afternoon. I have my favorites, my least favorites, and one that fills both of … Continue reading

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Doritos Project X13-D

**NOTE – Burger King is filling your hamburger chip void!** Today, I have gaped into hell itself and tasted its unholy snack foods. Today, my friends, I tasted Doritos Project X-13D, their new attempt at getting gullible people like me … Continue reading

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Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe – Chicago, IL

I’m torn about Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe. I love the idea of a chocolate cafe. Who wouldn’t? I love the atmosphere inside the place, and the service is usually quite friendly. So why am I torn? Because, while I love the … Continue reading

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Kuma’s Corner – Chicago, IL

I am not your typical foodie. In fact, I hate that term.  I love food, and finding good food.  I’m not up with what’s hip. I get overwhelmed with trying to research places. So, I rely on word of mouth … Continue reading

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Pop Rocks On My Brain

A few Saturdays ago, Katie and I discovered a nice little surprise in the otherwise gentrified downtown Naperville area: Naper Nuts and Sweets. Set up like an old penny candy store, one wall is lined with a ridiculous amount of … Continue reading

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Cilantro Mexican Grill & Bar – Romeoville, IL

If there’s two types of restaurants I’m constantly on the lookout for, it’s a good Mexican and good Indian food. Although, I’m always looking for some Chinese food, too. And pizza. And Italian. Fuck. That’s not going to work. I’m … Continue reading

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Red Robin’s Wheel of Cheese

Gather round children, and listen to the story of one man who foolishly tread where few mortals dare. It happened on a day much like today, in a town much like your town. The place…Red Robin. The burger…the Burger Parmigiana. … Continue reading

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About Page Updated

For those of you looking to see who the mop-headed wizard is behind this page, and his much more photogenic better half; I’ve just updated, more like created, the about us page.  Give it a looksee.

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