Ming Tsai Hot Tamari Rice Corn Chips

My writing duties have fallen by the way side, as my brain has been in a constant battle with my sinuses, and my brain is losing.  My head feels like it’s going to explode, or implode, or maybe  weird combination of both.  It’s like the Poltergeist house, with less desecrated Native American corpses.

But I wanted to start writing reviews of some of the junk food I picked up this weekend.  There was a lot of it, and I decided I  should start with the worst and move my way up to the best.

And the worst?  Ming Tsai’s Hot Tamari Rice Corn Chips.  Seldom will I throw a bag of food out after 2 chips, but considering I could still taste them after 2 hours, a granola bar snack, and a sloppy joe meal, I realized that I wouldn’t be missing much.  Those two chips were going to haunt me until the end days when the horsemen come to purge the world.

Of course I had to share with my coworkers.  It’s like anything.  You taste something so gross and disgusting, that you just have to share.  These are that kind of food.

Flavor-wise, they almost tasted like soy sauce, a mild, cheap soy sauce.  That of course made the chips saltier than usual.  But there was no hot or spicy to be found, and the soy flavor was so bad that it lingered in the back of your mind and soul while the taste of cheap corn filled your mouth.

I may be proving to be a naive foodie, but I’ve never heard of the famous chef Ming Tsai until I did a search for these chips.  There’s apparently an entire line of food available exclusively at Target.  Probably a good thing, since the world isn’t ready to deal with a taste like this.

P.S. No one I gave these to liked them.  Some people dealt with anger, others confusion and disgust.  But no one said, “Yeah, that’s a good chip.”

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8 Responses to Ming Tsai Hot Tamari Rice Corn Chips

  1. Denise C says:

    I love the chips. Took them out of town with me. My friends loved them. I live in Saint Paul Minnesota and I want to know where I can purchase them. I really love those chips

  2. TwobitMe says:

    Luckily Two Bites in Suburbia isn’t American Idol, and the democratic process doesn’t exist here. It’s a Twobitocracy!

    Most of my comments are exaggerated for comedic effect. I don’t apologize for what I say, here. This is a website based on (mostly) my opinions, impressions and humor.

    We all have our own opinion, and my opinion is these chips tasted like a salty yet somehow bland failure. If you enjoyed them, good for you. We all like different things.

    And just because Ming Tsai owns a restaurant and has appeared on the Food Network, doesn’t mean all his food tastes good. I know people here in Chicago who have met and worked with Chef Tsai, and from the stories I’ve been told he’s barely involved with the food process, and is prone to making decisions that most other people would question.

    I hope you stick around to read the rest of the stories, and find the humor in them that I intended.

  3. The Professor says:

    I too loved the chips and like Lynn and Dan found this website in the process of trying to obtain larger bags online (versus the small bags at Target). 5 for and 1 against on this page. TwobitMe – I was taken back a bit by your comment about the “world not being ready to deal with a taste like this”. Seems a bit presumptive/arrogant… One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. It’s a big world out there and just because you and your friends don’t think a food product tastes good, doesn’t mean that an equal number or even more people feel the opposite way. By the way, Ming Tsai operates a well known restaurant and has appeared on the Food Network numerous times, etc, etc…. Please go through life gently and with an open mind.

  4. TwobitMe says:

    Emily – Thanks for buying my share. Chef Ming salutes you!

    Lynn – Yes. My taste buds are numb. Numb to flavorless chips! But seriously, it’s just a matter of what you deem spicy. Some people’s Hot Tamari is other people’s soy flavored chip.

  5. Lynn says:

    I too went searching the internet for larger bags. I happened on them while in line at Target and starving, opened them in the car and went right back in for more bags to take home. My family, lovers of spicy things, also fell in love with them. The author of this blog must have numb taste buds to not notice the “bite” them. I will have to be content with the small bags until Target realizes what a gem they have and packages them for parties.

  6. emily says:

    Fine with ME, I will just buy your share. I just cleared Target of them yesterday, they are SOOO good.

  7. Geri says:

    I just came across this blog entry doing a google search for these chips. I love them! I didn’t at first, but I was starving and desperate and kept eating them. Now I am hooked!

  8. Dan says:

    I recently put together a care package of junk food to send to my partner in the Middle East. I included a bag of “Hot Tamari Rice Corn Chips” (I did not try them). He rarely comments on specific items I send to him, but he loved the “Hot Tamari Rice Corn Chips”! I went and bought more for him today and I came across this blog while searching the Internet for larger bags. Oh, well… I guess our difference in tastes makes life interesting 🙂

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