El Barrio Restaurant – Romeoville, IL

For my money, the best Mexican food in Romeoville is found at El Barrio, a little restaurant nestled in the same strip mall that also houses Ats-A-Nice Pizza. I first found El Barrio when I was working my previous job at the local library district. Romeoville hasn’t necessarily been known for it’s vast array of restaurants. It’s only been the last couple years that the situation has changed. But, I know we’re on our way up, because after I last Taco Bell was struck by lightning (and rebuilt as the Windy City Grill), they finally put up a new one a year or so ago.

But, this post isn’t about Taco Bell, it’s about some of the best quality veggie tacos I’ve ever had in the suburbs. Run by the same family since it’s opening, I was convinced the place wouldn’t last, because whenever I was there, the place was empty. But several years later, they’re still here, serving up their quality food, and daily specials to waiting masses.

Now, truth be told, I haven’t tried everything on their menu. I usually at least try a Mexican restaurant’s burrito, but after checking out their salsa verde enchiladas. I only moved on to the vegetable tacos because I knew I had to try something else. But, I haven’t been able to move on since. The 3 taco dinner is exactly the amount of food I need.

Dine in, and you’ll also be treated to chips and fresh salsa. I’m a big fan of their salsa. It reminds me of a tomatillo sauce more than a traditional chunky salsa. If anything, it’s a little bland for my tastes. But that’s a small problem, especially if you mix in some of their spicier hot sauce.

Also of note, the salsa verde enchiladas are beyond delicious. The rice and beans always taste fresh. And the service is nice and quick. They prepare everything on the spot, so there will be a slight wait, but it’s worth it. I’m usually a believer that the best Mexican food comes from the greasiest of the restaurants. You want a healthy burrito, you go to Chipotle, but if you want some good food, you go where the grease is. El Barrio flies in the face of that theory, as the restaurant is clean, decorations are simple, and the food is GOOD.

If you’re in the area, check it out. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

El Barrio Restaurant
336 N Independence Blvd

Romeoville, IL 60446
(815) 372-1100

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