Daily Archives: May 6, 2007

About Page Updated

For those of you looking to see who the mop-headed wizard is behind this page, and his much more photogenic better half; I’ve just updated, more like created, the about us page.  Give it a looksee.

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La Frittata con Patate w/ Garlic Cheddar Bread

I’ve been in a food rut lately. I’ve been cooking the same things, eating the same things, and wishing I would do something different. I’ve been trying NOT to eat like a frakkin’ garbage disposal, as I have been the … Continue reading

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Pringles Bacon Ranch Potato Chips

They’re going to run out of flavors soon. Just you wait. Soon, it’s going to be a world of bizarre mixes and creations and mashups that make no sense, yet they’ll slap limited edition on the side, and people (like … Continue reading

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