Pringles Bacon Ranch Potato Chips

They’re going to run out of flavors soon. Just you wait. Soon, it’s going to be a world of bizarre mixes and creations and mashups that make no sense, yet they’ll slap limited edition on the side, and people (like me) will snatch them up and give them a shot. Companies will cross promote, and we’ll get some weird combinations like Boo-Berry Pringles or Eggs Benedict Hubba Bubba and they will have made their money, laughing all the way to the bank.

Pringles started out in the right direction, as I wrote about a while back. Their Thai Chili Spice chips were something different (and good!) that they were bringing to market. Granted, their Bruschetta chips tasted more like tomato soup than the traditional Italian appetizer, but at least they were trying.

And we all know about my obsession with jalapeno chips. And I have friends who loved pickle flavored chips. So, there’s always a market out there for wacky and bizarre flavors.

We’ll get some weird combinations like Boo-Berry Pringles or Eggs Benedict Hubba Bubba.

But, these new Pringle Bacon Ranch chips, while okay, don’t hold a candle to the Tato Skins flavored with fake bacon (facon?) from years ago. Hell, give me the loaded baked potato chips that Pringles also produces; because the bacon chips definitely taste like bacon. Almost TOO much like bacon. I was overpowered with the taste. One or two chips may be a decent snack, but if you’re like me and tend to attack a can of Pringles like they were the only food you’ve seen in days, there’s a good chance your stomach would seize, and you’d be regretting your life path that led you to such a decision of eating so many bacon flavored chips. But, my friend is still alive after doing such a thing, so maybe the artificial flavor was too much for me and my fragile stomach.

They’re decent. Bacon fan will probably like them. But, they’re most definitely not for me.

Also, in case you’re wondering, no, you will not see me review their spicy guacamole chips. Why? Because guacamole is a product of the devil. I’ll never understand why people would do such horrific things to such innocent avocados.

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