Pizza in Romeoville

I thought I’d talk a bit about the pizza places around Romeoville, especially since I just gorged at Old World Original Pizza & Fat Ricky’s this afternoon. I have my favorites, my least favorites, and one that fills both of those categories. I’ll start with that one first.

Fat Ricky’s is a real conundrum, because I actually can’t stand most of their pizza. Above anything else, it’s bland and flavorless. Adding fresh garlic was almost enough to make their thin crust a passable meal when we ordered it last. Their pan pizza is the same deal, just with more bread, and somehow LESS cheese.

But, here’s why I’ll always go back. I LOVE their Double Decker pizza. I don’t know what makes it so different from their other pizzas, but it’s one of my favorites in town. I assume they use the same ingredients, basically laying two pizzas onto each other. It’s not rocket science.

So, again, what makes it different? Is it the extra sauce? Is it that I request extra cheese? Do they secretly stuff marijuana between the layers, creating a magical pie of delicious delirium? Maybe that’s why I see colors every time I eat one of their pizzas.

I honestly haven’t tried the rest of their food. Katie said the chicken tenders were decent and our friend Sabrina likes their Buffalo Chicken Salad (ranch dressing on the side). The garlic bread is mega crunchy, which isn’t how I prefer it, but was still pretty tasty. One day I’ll get adventurous and try something new.

My favorite all around pizza place in Romeoville, though, is Rosati’s. I’ve never had a bad pie from their. I love their stuffed pizza, and especially love their deep dish, which is cooked up like something from Gino’s East. I have had other food there, so I can personally vouch for their calzones and eggplant Parmesan sandwiches as tasty. The 2.75 slice and a pop lunch deal is pretty nice as well.

My least favorite, and apparently I’m in the minority in this one, is At’s-A-Nice Pizza. Talk about a greasy pie. Even as a kid, I was never wowed by their food. I preferred anything over eating it. Hell, I’d rather eat Pizza Hut than At’s-A-Nice. I remember having to use a napkin to sponge up grease on any piece I ate. The flavor was always just okay. And I can get “okay” pizza anywhere. If I’m spending money, I’d like something a little better.

There’s also a couple places that I’m not including, because I either haven’t eaten there in years, or I don’t remember much about their food. Michael’s Pizza actually used to be my favorite pizza in the area. I was convinced that there was crack in their sauce, because I’d even eat that stuff stone cold. That was actually the only pizza I’ve ever eaten straight from the refrigerator. It turns out that it wasn’t crack, but according to someone who worked there, it was beef grease added to the sauce. Being a vegetarian, that pretty much ended my love affair with that particular chain right there.

And finally, I know I’ve eaten from Giovanny’s. I remember going in and picking up a pizza from there, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it tastes like. I remember saying I enjoyed it, so I’d probably recommend it over At’s-A-Nice or Michael’s, but I cannot give an honest report. So I won’t. So there.

Of course, none of these places beat the pizza we’ve had from either Pizzeria D.O.C. or Homemade Pizza Co. in Chicago. I’m not a fan of thin crust, but Pizzeria D.O.C. makes some of the best potato and rosemary thin crust around; and don’t get me started about the Wild Mushroom pizza from Homemade Pizza Co. I have, and I will eat an entire pizza from those two places by myself. Luckily Homemade Pizza Co. is opening a couple locations in Naperville shortly, so I’ll be able to get it more often.

Just remember, as my friend Anna learned, it’s called Homemade for a reason. They prepare it fresh, but you have to cook it yourself. Don’t make the same mistakes!

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5 Responses to Pizza in Romeoville

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like you’ve covered most of the pizza places in Romeoville.
    I haven’t tried most myself but was very satisfied with Michaels pizza until I tried Bruno’s Pizza in Romeoville.
    They just recently opened so I tried them out and the pizza was the best I’ve had in a long time.
    You should check them out, I think you’ll be pleased with their food.

  2. Tim says:

    So I have to agree with you on Fat Ricky’s. I have gotten pizza there twice, and I think that it has to do with the sauce being too sweet, but I really did not enjoy it. It might be for other people, but not me.

    I am a little upset about hear that Michael’s adds beef grease. It is no wonder I was getting sick after I would eat there. I also have a meatless diet. The other complaint that I have is they never do special requests. I don’t mean they won’t take them, but they never actually do it. I never get a double topping if I ask. If I want it well done, it does not happen. If I ask for pie cut like I do every once in a while, it won’t happen. Very disappointing.

    Rosati’s I have never had a problem with. I love to pizza. I love the pasta. They always do my special orders, and they are always friendly. I love them and order it all the time.

    I don’t know if they are still selling pizza out of Leo’s bar, but it was always sub par. At’s A Nice was never great either, and the times that was there to carry out, it just did not seem clean there. I have not ordered from there in years.

    The one thing that I am disappointed about it the fact that we don’t have access to cheap pizza. When my kids have their friends over, they don’t need top of the line pizza. They are just as happy with Rosati’s as they are with Pizza Hut, so why should I pay top of the line prices. I really wish that we had at least one cheap pizza place.

  3. Colleen says:

    How an you say Fat Ricky’s is bland!!
    I love Fat Ricky’s and awaiting pizza from there now!

  4. jrock says:

    I usually get the soup at Fat Ricky’s, so far they’ve all been good. my girlfriend Mary especially likes the cream of chicken. I will agree that their pizza is bland. Whoever voted them as the best pizza in chicagoland never went to Uno’s or Lou Malnotti’s.

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