Nice Cream, No Screaming!

I work for an ad trafficking company, so occasionally the abbreviated titles on some of the ads can be hilarious, gross, or in some cases both.

We recently had a spot titled “Ice Cream Chicken,” which of course had many of us nauseas at the thought of chicken flavored ice cream. Of course, once the initial wave of nausea passed, we wondered what would they use to give the ice cream that extra hint of chicken. Chicken fat? Chicken juice? Chicken bouillon? Perhaps minced chicken? Would finding a bone shard in there be equal to finding half a cookie in some cookies and cream ice cream?

Well, no sooner did we start discussing this, and the fact that no one would ever be so desperate for new flavors, so extreme in their flavor explosions that they would turn a delicious afternoon treat into a dinner nightmare, that I hopped onto Google, used my old library research skills, and found this:

Yeah, it’s Japanese. But, according to the Mainichi Daily News, this is indeed Chicken Ice Cream. They had this to say:

Chicken Ice Cream(Kochin Chikin Aisu)It’s ice cream like this that almost makes you wish the horrible thought that the avian flu that swept through Japan earlier this year had been a bit more effective. The taste of Chicken Ice Cream goes a long way toward explaining why the birds are described as foul. Though undoubtedly a tasty meat, you’ll need to be anything but chicken to get through this ice cream.

I wish the gross stopped there, but if you go visit the site, they have an entire photojournal of gross and disgusting (for us anyways) ice cream flavors.  You’ll just have to go visit yourself to see what our friends to the East consider a tasty treat.

And for the record, the spot we had was a Friendly’s spot advertising their ice cream sundaes and chicken fingers, and unfortunately NOT Friendly’s new chicken ice cream.  So disappointing. 

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2 Responses to Nice Cream, No Screaming!

  1. TwobitMe says:

    Tea: Yeah, but only the Japanese would decide that would make a great dessert for HUMANS.

  2. Tea-scream says:

    they’ve been making that for years in the states too, but it’s FOR DOGS.

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