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Black Bean and Noodles Casserole w/ Feta

One of the great finds from our trip out to the Printer’s Row Book Fair was a copy of The Vegetarian Gourmet’s Easy Low-Fat Favorites.  I’m a vegetarian!  I like easy!  I like low-fat!  For 10 bucks you just can’t … Continue reading

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Apologies for the week long absence.  It turns out that I am in much bigger need of a vacation than I thought, and ended up overtired and fighting off an annoying summer cold most of the week.  My words, as … Continue reading

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Ratatouille – Review

Even if this is a movie review, I felt like the subject of the film was so closely connected to food that I had to share my thoughts. I am, as they say, a Pixar fanboy.  With the exception of … Continue reading

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I must have these

I have literally tried every incarnation of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as they come out.  My favorite was the Dark Chocolate, my least favorite being the Honey Roasted.  I felt like my head was dunked into a beehive when that … Continue reading

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Our Tru Desserts

Much like Hobbits have second breakfasts, I believe that a person should have several birthday meals. Me personally, I had three. To end the big 3-1 celebration, Katie, our close friend Elaine, and myself visited Tru here in Chicago for … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan’s XGT Energy Drink

This one took me by surprise.  The last thing I was expecting when I walked into Walgreen’s on Friday was to see Jackie Chan’s face staring at me from a sample pack of powdered energy drink.  For 99 cents, I … Continue reading

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Wrigley’s 5

According to Wrigley… “Teens, who are constantly seeking opportunities to experience something out of the ordinary, are also the most frequent gum chewers of any age group and account for one-third of all gum chewed in the U.S.,” said Martin … Continue reading

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A Shoe for Foodies?

I was browsing Amazon today looking for a new pair of canvas high tops.  My personal favorite brands are either Chuck Taylors or Vans.  I may not have the skill or angle strength to skate, but I can dress the … Continue reading

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100 visits!

I haven’t really advertised this blog, or joined any communities about food to promote Two Bites in Suburbia.  I’m not antisocial, I just forget to contribute to forums I join.  And I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a passing … Continue reading

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Ads vs. Reality

Slashfood had this link up originally, but I just had to share.  The West Virginia Surf Report has a photo article up showing you what the sad reality of fast food compared to what the ads show you on a … Continue reading

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