Jackie Chan’s XGT Energy Drink

This one took me by surprise.  The last thing I was expecting when I walked into Walgreen’s on Friday was to see Jackie Chan’s face staring at me from a sample pack of powdered energy drink.  For 99 cents, I quickly grabbed a pack to see if the energy drink could live up to the star of Asian action films.  Would I become a Drunken Master?  Or would I feel like I was run over during Rush Hour?  Or maybe I would be…uh…(insert Shanghai Knights joke here).

The flavor is a weird combination to say the least.  It’s a green tea flavored with “natural” raspberry flavor.  Making it extra tempting for me though, since I’m basically barely awake 80% of the day, was that it included Ginseng, B Vitamins, and Taurine.  It’s like all the benefits of bull’s bile in powdered form!  It goes perfectly with my Tiger Penis soup!

But seriously, it’s not bad for a powdered drink.  I find most of them a little too sugary for my tastes.  I usually need more than the 16 oz. of water they call for to make it feel like I’m not a 10 year old pouring sugar into his glass of Kool-Aid.  But these are closer to drinking actual tea (without all the benefits I’m sure).  I’d actually like a box of these to keep on hand around the office.  I’d prefer these to Mountain Dew or RockStar Energy Drink, which I’m convinced are eating away at my liver.

I was hoping to make a joke about “Jackie Chan partying in my mouth” but I figured with the double whammy of tasteless jokes in my Wrigley’s post, I’ve hit my quota for the day.

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3 Responses to Jackie Chan’s XGT Energy Drink

  1. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    these things are great i took all the ones from my dollar store,all the flavors

  2. blah says:

    they are clearanced at walgreens now, .49 cents.

  3. diany says:

    i’m hooked to these!, i found them at my favorite .99 cents store & after the surprise of finding Jackie Chan in a packet of tea, i grabbed it…..oh what the hell, after trying it, i was totally hooked.
    it’s helped me lose a lot of weight as i’ve replaced my sodas with the tea & it has good taste

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