Wrigley’s 5

According to Wrigley…

“Teens, who are constantly seeking opportunities to experience something out of the ordinary, are also the most frequent gum chewers of any age group and account for one-third of all gum chewed in the U.S.,” said Martin Schlatter, Wrigley’s Chief Marketing Officer. “In our testing, teens and young adults have told us they love everything about 5 – from the unique tingling, cooling or warming sensations that accompany its delicious and especially long-lasting flavors to its bold graphics to its sleek, revolutionary packaging. 5 delivers an amazing new gum experience.”

What does this tell us about 5 aside from the fact that they want to make Wrigley’s gum hip for “the kids”? Absolutely nothing. So, I decided to try it myself. For the sake of this review, I tried Rain, their spearmint blasted gum. I present now the five secret emotions and my thoughts of Wrigley’s 5.

  1. On my first piece I turned to my friend Chris and declared, “Rain is like a golden shower in my mouth! There’s so much flavor!”
  2. Instead of having a pack of gum 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long, I now have a pack of gum that’s like a large pack of Post-It Notes. The new packing is nice and slim!
  3. It’s exactly like Wrigley’s gum except repackaged and 2-3 times as expensive.
  4. I really don’t like gum. I can handle 15 minutes of gum chewing before I wondered why I spent my money on something like this. Any longer than that and it’s like an experiment in terror.
  5. The flavor really does last at least an hour if not longer. By the time I finally spit it out, I was nauseas and my jaw hurt. Now I know how a crack whore feels.

For people who like gum, this stuff should be right up your alley. It does last ridiculously long, which honestly surprised me. It was also nice to see gum return to its original shape. The little Orbit-sized pieces of gum make me feel like a giant when I hold those tiny sticks up to my mouth. It’s like I’m preparing for a double date with Godzilla and Mothra.

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5 Responses to Wrigley’s 5

  1. Philip says:

    You compare gum to a golden shower in your mouth!?

    Hardly an endorsement Wrigley’s will be happy with.

    What’s with the “crack whore” reference?

  2. andrew silvas says:

    my mouth and taste buds say thanks for an awesome gum. colbat is the best i have had. i several packs a week and share @ work and @ home. THE FLAVOR AND STYLE ARE GREAT. I CAN NEVER DECIDED ON WHAT FLAVOR, THEY’RE ALL GREAT. IT’S REFRESHING GUM, TOTALLY AWESOME GUM, THE FLAVOR LAST A LONG TIME AND IT’S ALWAYS CHEWABLE. AWESOME JOB GUYS!!!!

  3. i have rain, didint try it yet, but i wanted colbat but who cares
    ima open rain to morrow

  4. j@$()/\/ says:

    I love this gum! i love how the flavor last soo long in my mouth and how they designed a new packaging!… this will be the only gum i buy for now on becuase it last soo long that the money is worth it…cinnamon is my favorite next to colbat and i would like to try rain soon

  5. Jennie says:


    I agree though, the gum is good, but definitely not worth the jacked-up price. o_O

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