I must have these

4585_f.jpgI have literally tried every incarnation of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as they come out.  My favorite was the Dark Chocolate, my least favorite being the Honey Roasted.  I felt like my head was dunked into a beehive when that aftertaste hit.  And it wasn’t GOOD honey.  It was BAD honey.  The marshmallow filling was also disappointing, but it mostly tasted like whipped peanut butter.  Nothing to big to complain about.

So when I read over on Candy Blog that an Elvis inspired cup was coming, I knew I needed to find these. Filled with a banana cream, and enlarged to to the king-sized Big Cup, they just have to be good.

I can see these hitting the festival circuit this summer.  What better addition to sit next to deep fried Snickers than the deep fried peanut butter and ‘nanner Reese’s cup?  Deep frying artistes BETTER do this.  They just better!

Candy Blog also notes that you can spend 25 bucks at the Hershey online store and get 16 of these bad boys in a collector’s tin.  Sooooo tempting…

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