Coming at you, Bay Area!

It’s finally been finalized.  Katie and I are indeed going out to San Francisco for four days at the end of September.  Between incredible sales prices, and a little bit of musical serendipity, we’ll be seeing the coast on September 29 – October 2.

It turns out that Dan Deacon and Girl Talk are playing the Fillmore that Saturday, and we’d both love to see them in a venue where I’m not about to be crushed by raving hipsters.  At least the Fillmore will have a person limit, making it a little easier to breathe.  We’re also tempted to see TMBG that Sunday, but we’ll probably pass so we can get our other must see events out of the way.

What do we have planned?  Eating!  And some occasional touristy things.

Slanted Door
Chez Panisse
Citizen Cake
Koo-ki Sushi

Golden Gate Nat’l Park
Winchester House (Maybe)
SFMoma (Maybe)
Ferry Building Marketplace
Fisherman’s Wharf (since we need to be there for Alcatraz anyway)

Those are just the basic plans right now.  I just picked up a cheap copy of the NFT San Francisco, and will be going to the food boards to find some more “must dine” places.

Of course, if we can meet up with bonniegrrl and shadowcircusAnd of course, we can’t forget meeting up with my good friend Phil.  It shall be good times!

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One Response to Coming at you, Bay Area!

  1. Elaine says:

    YES! Have fun dude! I’m thinking about planning a trip for N8 and I to run to New York on those days! I’m so stoked.

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