Eating San Francisco

Proving that there’s nothing more fun than being ever-so-slightly OCD in my vacation planning, I sat down a couple weeks ago with Katie and we planned out all of our meals for the upcoming trip to the west coast. What do we have planned?

Saturday sees us getting into the city at 11 AM, which will be quickly followed by me jumping over the nearest Starbucks counter and emptying all brewed coffee directly into my mouth. Our flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning, and I don’t think I’ve seen 4 AM in years. I’m almost tempted to just stay awake the night before.

The rest of our vacation looks like this:


There will, of course, be some sight seeing while we’re out there. Saturday night we’ll be at the Fillmore for the Dan Deacon/Girl Talk show. Sunday, we’re hoping to hit the Golden Gate Park area, and maybe “The World’s Most Crooked Street.” Monday will see us being REALLY touristy as we make our way through Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf so we can hop onto a ferry to Alcatraz. We’ll probably take a streetcar back to the hotel. If we’re lucky we’ll make it out to Japantown for a bit, but it’s not a necessity.


Unfortunately, we’ll also be missing some things while we’re out there. We won’t have the time to go to Berkeley, where we were hoping to check out Chez Panisse, the home of Californian cuisine. We also won’t be getting to San Jose to check out Suedy’s Kooki Sushi or the Winchester Mystery House.

I’m even more disappointed that we’ll be in town, but due to scheduling conflicts we won’t be able to see Shadow Circus Puppet Theater, a show put on by an online friend. They’re doing a show the same night as Girl Talk. But hopefully we’ll be back out there during a time we can actually catch them.

Of course, if anyone has any recommendations on places to visit, or eat, or shop, let us know! We’re fairly open ended with our schedule, which is a nice change from our last few trips down to Orlando.

Sourdough bread, here I come!

Websites for all restaurants mentioned:
Universal Cafe
Burma Superstar
Foreign Cinema
Maggie Mudd
Lucky Creation
In-N-Out Burger
Citizen Cake
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
The Slanted Door

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