Pizza Culpa

logo.pngA while back I wrote up the various pizzas in my area. Pizza is a subjective thing. Where some people love one company’s sauce, others can’t find a good thing to say about it. Katie and I seldom agree on what good pizza is, unless it’s something like Coalfire or Pizza D.O.C. But when it comes to neighborhood pizza, good luck on an agreement.

But, where we can both agree is that if you’re going to say something about a place, at least make sure it’s true. I said in that post about pizza that I was always told that Michael’s Pizza relied, much like McDonald’s with their fries, on added a little beef fat to their pizza sauce for some extra flavor.

Just the other day, a representative from Michael’s Pizza contacted me to set the record straight…

Just wanted to comment on your blog regarding Michael’s Pizza…. I’ve worked here for nearly 20 years, and rest assured, we do not put any beef gravy in the pizza sauce. I promise you.

So, there you go. That’ll learn you to listen to second hand information from a part-time employee who, as history proved, was not always right in the head in the first place. What does this mean? I’ll be ordering some Michael’s Pizza as soon as the pizza craving hits.

Thanks to Charity for pointing out the confusion, and sorry for any undue stress this caused her boss.

Michael’s Pizza
422 N. Weber Road
Romeoville, IL 60446
815– 886-0707

FRIDAY – Saturday 11 AM to 11PM
SUNDAY – 12 PM to 10 PM

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