The Epic Michael’s Pizza Conclusion

Saturday was supposed to be sushi day for Katie and myself. We were meeting a friend in Naperville for some Wild Tuna deliciousness; the keyword being WERE. He apparently “ate something” the night before that was making him “nearly vomit” throughout the day. I told him he was a “wimp” who needed to “deal with it,” but my insults and complaints didn’t sway him.

Deciding to save some money, Katie and I decided to take advantage of a free coupon that the VP of Michael’s Pizza gave us to get us back in to the restaurant after a 13-year hiatus. We ordered ourselves a double cheese pizza topped with crushed garlic. What were our thoughts?

The pizza was quite tasty. The cheese was well melted, and the garlic was indeed crushed and spread evenly throughout the pizza. We were iffy on the crust, though. Katie and I both preferred the inside pieces, because the little bit of naked crust on the outside tasted almost generic where crust is concerned.

Even with our small nitpicking aside, we tore through that pizza in one sitting, leaving only 5 lonely pizzas to sit in the fridge for leftovers. And it’s one thing I completely forgot about Michael’s Pizza: the leftovers always taste better than the fresh pizza. I don’t know what kind of weird magical voo-doo powder they use, but those five pieces didn’t last very long the next day. Somehow the cold causes just the right amount of congealing and flavor trapping to make it extra tasty.

Where does this leave my pizza rankings? I still think Rosati’s is the best pizza in Romeoville, but each of the companies definitely have their strengths.

Favorite Specialty Pizza – Fat Ricky’s Double Decker Pizza
Favorite Thin Crust Pizza – Michael’s Pizza
Favorite Overall Pizza Co – Rosati’s Pizza
Least Favorite Pizza Co – At’s-A-Nice Pizza
Not Reviewed – Giovanny’s Pizza

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One Response to The Epic Michael’s Pizza Conclusion

  1. daysofheaven says:

    I’d have to agree that Rosati’s is the best in Romeoville, but I have found them to be inconsistent. My favorite is the Rosati’s in Woodridge. I’d be curious to hear how it compares in your opinion. Consistency is my biggest expectation from any restaurant and it seems that the ‘burbs are a bit lacking in that department, as compared to Chicago. My biggest “beef” is Thai Beef Salad, which can be like night and day just about every where I’ve tried (K.T. Thai Cuisine used to be an exception, but not any longer). Any suggestion? Looking for the best Thai Beef Salad in the ‘burbs. Overall, I’d have to go with Thai O’Cha in Darien, but they fail the consistency test. I enjoy reading your blog. I live in Woodridge though work in Romeoville. You turned me on to El Barrio, which has been CONSISTENTLY great! Thanks!!

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