Boudin SF – Lombard, IL

One of the highlights of our trip to San Francisco was getting to see the Boudin (pronounced boo-deen) bakers do their thing.  While we didn’t get a chance to eat their food while we were out there, we knew it would just be a matter of time before we could fix that.  Opened October 9 in Lombard near Yorktown Mall is the first non-California based locale for the country’s oldest sourdough bread.

Just one of many high profile restaurants coming to the area in an effort to remake this particular part of Lombard, Boudin SF gives Illinois a taste of what lucky San Franciscans can get every day.  And it’s a good thing I don’t live near this place, because I would be here every day.  As it is, Katie and I had both lunch and dinner at Boudin SF this past weekend.

Yeah, it’s that good.  But, I could be biased.  Eating here reminds me of my favorite city.  I would have eaten breakfast here, too, if I would have realized they had sourdough French toast on the menu.  But alas, that will be for another day.

Katie chose the grilled cheese, a blend of Havarti, Mozerella and Cheddar cheeses, and tomato soup.  The sandwich was served on their signature sourdough, naturally.  Both were delicious.  So much so that when we went back for dinner I had the exact same thing.  The bread is a natural for toasting or grilling.  It really brings out the flavor.  And the cheeses were melted into a perfect cheesy dream.  The soup compliments the dish well.  It’s a hearty soup with a simple flavor.

I chose half of a spinach and mushroom Alfredo pizza, along with a bowl of the vegetarian chili.  This, this is a good chili.  Hearty and flavorful, the vegetables are served in a base that carries a hint of cheddar cheese.  All vegetarian chili should taste this good.  The Alfredo pizza was also delicious, but didn’t beat the simple cheese pizza Katie would have later that night.  The vegetables were fresh, the mushrooms wild, and the pizza creamy.  I was hoping for a better taste of the sourdough in the crust, but that’s a minor quibble.

As I mentioned, for dinner, Katie went with the cheese pizza, and it was here where the sourdough crust shined.  A cannot recommend the cheese pizza enough.

We didn’t stop there of course.  We needed dessert!  Sweet, sweet dessert!  I had the Apple Oat Bar, Katie a Chocolate Chip Muffin.  The oat bar was dense and rich without feeling heavy.  The apples were fresh and crisp, layered onto a moist beyond moist crumb base.  Katie’s muffin was one of the best I’ve ever tried.  The top was crunchy and well textured, hiding underneath it a soft interior.  The combination of the two textures provided an excellent topper to our day.

Oh.  And the bread.  Bread is also made here on a constant basis, using some of the original mother dough from SF, itself over 100 years old.  Loaves can be bought for as little as 1.79.  So, do yourself a favor and bring some home.  You’ve never quite had sourdough like it.

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