Counting Down D.C. – The Misses #5

Sure, we went to Washington D.C. nearly a month ago, but isn’t still fun to talk about the food we ate? I think so, too! Thank you for agreeing with me faceless, anonymous public!

When Katie and I first talked about escaping for a weekend, we were hoping for something a little warmer and sunnier than D.C. would provide. We were thinking San Diego or Las Vegas. Hell, we’d settle for L.A. But once we saw that the price for all those areas were well out of our price range, it was off to our nation’s capital!

Neither of us were expecting much out of the place. Between our active disinterest in dealing with government types, and the constant warnings of the out of control crime, we weren’t in any kind of hurry to get mugged by a crazed US statesman.

Turns out we were pleasantly surprised by the entire trip. The area we stayed in was quiet (DuPont Circle), the Metro system was super easy (once you figured out the CRAZY diagonal streets), and everything was within walking distance (for the most part). The weather was mid-50’s and the sun was constantly shining. We ended up quite smitten with the place.

I’ll be counting down the 5 things that we enjoyed and the 5 things that disappointed us the most on our trip. Up first, the misses.

#5 – Suprise Meal Replacement At Central
We were excited to be eating at one of Michel Richard’s restaurants. Central is the “more affordable” restaurant compared to Citronelle. The place was packed, even for a Sunday night, which is always a good sign that you’re in for some good food. And Michel Richard didn’t disappoint. But we’ll talk about that tomorrow.
Our disappointment came when Katie’s entree was replaced without getting her approval. She had ordered the rabbit with spaetzle, deciding to live on the edge since we were on vacation. When the meal arrived, she looked at me and asked, “Are rabbit bones this big normally?” I replied, “Maybe it was a big rabbit?” I mean, really, how are we to know? I’ve been a vegetarian for a decade. The last rabbit bone I saw was probably in Donnie Darko.
It turned out that, no, rabbit bones aren’t that large, but lamb shanks are! When our check finally arrived for the evening, it listed lamb shanks as one of our entrees. This set off a warning signal (as well as two extra desserts we didn’t order) in my head. We flagged down our waitress to rectify the problem. She apologized and ran to take care of it. When she came back she informed us that, “No. You did have lamb shank. They were out of rabbit.” Katie and I looked at each other a little dumbfounded. “Did you enjoy it?” The waitress asked Katie. Katie replied in the affirmative, and the waitress said, “Well it’s all okay then!”
And it was okay. But what if she was allergic to lamb, or one of the sides? Shouldn’t the waitress have at least come out to tell Katie that her meal needs to be replaced? Shouldn’t she have been given the chance to order a different meal of her choosing? It just seemed like an simple oversight that never should have happened in the first place.
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