A Vegetarian At Moto? – A Prologue

moto.jpgYou read the title right.  The big mystery I hinted at back in February is that Katie and I will be heading to Moto tomorrow for a once-in-a-lifetime (for us anyways) 20 course ovo-lacto vegetarian tasting.

How did it happen?  I can only assume the almighty Christ-like power that is Google made it happen.  Back in January, I posted a link to a Raccoon Roadkill dish that was featured in the Chicago Tribune.

I finished the article with these words:

“Of course, being a vegetarian I won’t be experiencing Moto anytime soon anyhoot. Of course, if Chef Cantu is reading, and wants to prepare a 20 course vegetarian meal for me to try, I’ll be there with 200 bucks and a completely open mind. “

Well Chris Jones,  Chef de Cuisine for Moto Restaurant, saw the post and sent me an e-mail.  After picking my jaw up off the floor trying to wrap my head around the fact that ACTUAL Chicago chefs are reading these pages, we started talking about the raccoon dish, his ideas behind preparing food, and a special offer to come out and have a tasting created so I could judge for myself.

That day has finally arrived.  I’m power-loading myself tonight for my day long fast tomorrow in preparation of three hours of food that will most likely take us completely by surprise.  Katie’s still not too sure about this whole endeavor, but when you’re called out/invited/challenged by one of the restaurant’s chefs themselves, you step up!

Now I just need to bring some bells, as promised.

I wonder if they would like to try some Bacon Salt.  They seem like the kind of people who would appreciate that.

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