Washington D.C. – The Misses #4

#4 – Cake Love

art-warren_brown.jpgIf you’ve ever watched Food Network, you’ve more than likely seen an episode of Warren Brown’s Sugar Rush. We had a few hours to kill on our final morning before the flight back to Chicago, so we decided to take a walk up to U Street and check out his bakery and cafe, Cake Love/Love Cafe. My recommendation is, skip Love Cafe unless you’re going later in the afternoon or evening.
We arrived for breakfast a little after 9:30 and were given the option of, well, one sandwich: Egg, cheese and meat on a bagel or croissant. Apparently, there is a breakfast and lunch menu, although that wasn’t really denoted on the menu. I ordered the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich only to be told that was a lunch item only. It was also the only reason I wanted to check the place out in the first place! Dammit! I want peanut butter and bananas!
They only had one type of cupcake there at the moment, and we actually arrived before their shipment for the day. It was just a disappointing experience all around.Before leaving, though, we went across the street to check out Cake Love. Maybe it’s the expensive nature of D.C., or maybe it’s the fact that Warren Brown is a food celebrity, but 3 dollars for a cupcake is WAY too much, especially when the cupcake is exactly the same kind of thing my mother makes at home. If they were larger than average? Sure. Covered in a ridiculous amount of icing? Alright. I’ll bite. But when you buy a cupcake for 3 dollars that looks like something I can do over the weekend, that cake better be massaging my esophagus on the way down.
Maybe the cakes themselves are outstanding, but the cupcakes are definitely not a reason to go to Cake Love alone.

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