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Geico Lizard Found Dead. News At 11.

Usually stories like this get dismissed out of hand. Who doesn’t remember stories of people finding thumbs and pieces of animals in their food, only to find out the stories were false and the people were just trying to scam … Continue reading

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Bacon Salt. It Exists. And It Is Good.

My office smells like bacon. Not just a little, but as if we were hosting a bacon buffet in our tiny little encoding room. And it’s been lingering for a couple hours now. I did this. And there was no … Continue reading

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Local Chefs Support MS Awareness Week in Chicago

Something I don’t believe I’ve talked about here on Two Bites is my special interest in Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. I was diagnosed with MS in May of 2001, so I’ll shortly be celebrating my 7th anniversary with the rather … Continue reading

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I just purchased a Flickr Pro account, and I’m moving some photos around.  The rest will be up soon, but for now, take a look at the foods we ate in Washington DC.

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