April Fool’s In Chicago & The Foodverse

Needless to say, it’s April Fool’s Day, so good luck trusting your usual sites. I’m not big on the April Fool’s Day thing. I like to screw with people ALL year long! Why limit it to one day? So, my single idea today was to post on each of my blogs, “She said yes!” to see who would respond, and how much trouble I would get into.

Instead, here are three of the funniest faux news stories I came across the past couple days. Although, I think the Reader should get a foul since this was actually in LAST Thursday’s issue. April Fool’s Day isn’t Christmas people. You only get one day, not twelve.

And in the spirit of the day, here’s my favorite Rick Roll of the moment. Yeah. I’m so hip I didn’t even know what being Rick Roll’d was until this morning. Watch out internet!

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