Episode 2: Not Responsible For 2nd Degree Cheese Burns

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The Least Researched, Most Opinionated Podcast About Food in Chicago!

Two Bites in Suburbia returns for an action packed second episode as we discuss feedback from the premier episode, our favorite desserts, and Mike rants on about the stupidity of people on the internet.  We also review Veggie Bites, Miss Asia, Just Indulge and Berry Chill.

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1 Response to Episode 2: Not Responsible For 2nd Degree Cheese Burns

  1. CJ says:


    Great episode guys.

    I like Japan’s Valentine’s Day / White Day. That Valentine’s Day in Japan is for the woman to give chocolate to a guy…that’s like the best thing ever. But then again, guys get to reciprocate on White Day a month later…



    Maybe it’s not Steak/BJ day, but it’s fun. More innocent.

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