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Episode 6: MRIs, Encased Meats & Margaritos

Twobitme & Katie return from their 2 week hiatus to discuss Hot Doug’s, Red Mango, Genghis Grill, along with a plethora of other edible fun. They also discuss an update on Mike’s health. The least researched, most opinionated podcast about … Continue reading

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Doritos: The Quest – New Mystery Flavor

I walked into 7-11 yesterday and did my normal stroll around the candy and chip aisle when I discovered something so terrifying that I knew that I had to buy them. Doritos is at it again. Another mystery bag. Another … Continue reading

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Offtopic: Mike K.O.’s MS

I went to my neurologist yesterday to have my first MRI in 3 years.  I treat the MS as sort of an “out of sight, out of mind” disorder, so since it wasn’t bothering me, why pay for tests I … Continue reading

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Episode 6: Postponed

While I received nothing but good news from my doctor today regarding the progression, or more importantly lack thereof, of my Multiple Sclerosis, my battery of tests took longer than I thought.  So instead of getting the podcast edited and … Continue reading

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Two Bites in Suburbia – Episode 5: Two Bites In Suburbia Episode 5: Synthetic Skin, Pepper Clouds & Garlic Dates

Mike and Katie discuss what may be the most disgusting souvenir ever, along with some of Mike’s latest edible concoctions.  To top of the episode, they review Macarena Tapas in Naperville. The least researched, most opinionated show about Chicago and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Haggis. Wait…what?!

My mother and sister returned recently from their trip abroad to the U.K. Nestled in their pack of usual souvenirs (T-Shirts, Snow Globes, Statues) was possibly the most coolest/nastiest/vomit-inducing gift I’ve ever received. I speak about Stahly Quality Foods Vegetarian … Continue reading

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Episode 4: What Could Have Been

Two-Bit Me and K80 review Tommy Nevin’s of Naperville, make some tequila infused cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo, and generally lose their mind over the course of 30 minutes. The least researched and most opinionated show about food and culture … Continue reading

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Fat Bottomed Pears

I’ve never had a piece of fruit basically tell me to “Bite my ass.”  Today, the pear I picked up for a snack broke that dry spell. I thought this would be a perfect companion piece to my recipe about … Continue reading

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El Pasteles Individuales Margarita Locos (Margarita Cupcakes)

Baking Bites posted this cupcake recipe WAY back in the inter-day, but I never had a reason to make margarita flavored cupcakes. But it’s Cinco De Mayo! While Mexicans “commemorates an initial victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio … Continue reading

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