32 Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Two And A Three

32 bitches! I ain’t old, I’m road tested. I’m built Ford tough! I’m pretty effin’ sure I pulled a back muscle lifting a crap-ton of books over the weekend!

It’s true. I was born 32 years ago today. The skies were dark and filled with thunder. My mother knew not what she was about to unleash upon the earth. 32 years later, she’s still not sure.

As is usual, to repay all my friends and family who have wished me nothing but the best today, I’m offering up my birthday mix. You’ll find 21 of my favorite tracks from the first 6 months of 2008.  It’s part one of my Best Of 2008 collection.  I’m offering a link right here on zShare.  All tracks are MP4 encoded, and the zip file also includes a CD cover and track list.

Please, enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who still reads my very occasional rantings on here, or MySpace, or on Two Bites in Suburbia.  Oh.  And Facebook.  I’m on Facebook now, too.  I don’t get to talk to or see my friends as often as I’d like.  I know that comes with growing older and making your own families, whether it involves a significant other, a houseful of animals, or even a houseful of kids.  But, I still think of everyone as my family, even if I only see you once a year.

Thanks for all the well wishes and birthday greetings.

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