Sure…As Natural As Joan Rivers’ Face

Slashfood wrote earlier today:

Recently, the Corn Refiners Association announced that they are launching a $30 million advertising campaign that is aimed at convincing consumers that HFCS is a natural compound, fundamentally the same as honey. Of course, unlike honey, HFCS is the product of a complex, chemical-intensive refining process that takes place in an industrial setting, but why quibble? Strangely, the FDA has agreed with them. Unfortunately, rather than convince me that HFCS is all-natural, the FDA’s stance has made me seriously question the integrity of the federal government when it comes to food purity.

I’m not sure exactly how highly processed vegetable byproduct equals “natural,” but I do know that between this and the FDA’s apparent loosening of the very definition of chocolate purely for the sake of letting the big companies make cheaper product really emphasizes the fact that no, the government isn’t looking out for our best interests.  They are in fact just trying to let the rich people stay rich.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is as natural as most of Pamela Anderson, folks.  If it’s the first ingredient in your food?  Drop it.  No one needs that in their system.

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