Frosting Shots Replace Espresso

Frosting Shots by jcsupersmith

Frosting Shots by jcsupersmith

Okay people, I’m with you.  I understand the day is long, and we all need our pick-me-ups.  But seriously?  Frosting shots?  FROSTING SHOTS?  For every step we seem to take in the right direction, someone comes up with an idea that send us back three.

My words are failing me.  They’re stuck in my brain.  I’ve rewritten this second paragraph three times now.  Obviously the cupcake bakeries are giving people what they want.  And obviously, people are willing to pay $1.50 for a shotglass full of buttercream frosting.  But, maybe, in this case, we SHOULDN’T be giving the people what they want.

All this talk of healthier eating, saving money because of the current state of economics, and the apocryphal shuttering of Starbucks across the country would leave one to believe that maybe $1.50 for FROSTING isn’t the best economical decision right now.  And it’s definitely not the healthiest.   Honestly, what will this do for a person?  It’ll give them a cheap sugar high, only cause them to crash harder, forcing them to find something ELSE to keep them awake until the 5 o’clock hour.

Do people hate the taste of tea or coffee that much?  Is the idea of walking around your office for 2 minutes to trying?  Why are people willing to pay $1.50 for FROSTING?!  Please, people of my country, quit making us look like bigger gluttons than we already are.

And the bakeries selling this?  Shame on you for charging $1.00 or more for a shot glass full of frosting.  That’s worth maybe 25 cents.  MAYBE.

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4 Responses to Frosting Shots Replace Espresso

  1. no one says:

    *Frosting shots is one cool idea!

  2. no one says:

    Why does everyone have a problem with this? Frsoting shots is one cool idea!

  3. Kristin says:

    When I was a teenager, my kid brother enjoyed frosting so much he would eat Duncan Hines or Pillsbury Frosting out of the can….blech. My kid brother is now 30 and recently married and I’m not convinced that he doesn’t still slip down to the pantry and crack open a can for old times sake . My brother is rather frugal and would buy the can before he would succomb to paying the high price of frosting shots. I’m willing to bet though back in the day he would have extorted money from me to buy one of these.

  4. Nathan says:

    Do people hate the taste of tea or coffee that much?

    Well, I do, but that frosting shot idea sounds pretty gross. I mean, I like frosting in reasonable doses, but it really sounds like something only Homer Simpson would eat.

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