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American Pie Has Nothin’ On THIS Cake

For those in the know of the world of geek, this weekend is PAX 2008.  The weekend long party celebrating all things gaming was created as a pseudo-alternative to the over the top marketing machine that was E3.  The brainchild … Continue reading

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Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

I only have my friend Jen to vouch for this recipe.  My zucchini blossoms did not survive past a day, making it impossible to deep fry the HELL out of those suckers.  Jen has assured me the the recipe is … Continue reading

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Foodies For Obama

Love food?  Love Obama?  Join the Facebook Group “Foodies for Obama.”  We all know I loathe the term foodie, but I was browsing around the interwebs to see if I could find any Obama related food bits, and had to … Continue reading

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Schweppe – Lombard, IL

Gadget freaks, food lovers, Chicago suburbanites, run, don’t walk to Schweppe out in Lombard.  They’re a restaurant wholesaler that is also open to the public.  We were able to acquire one dozen flatware sets for all of 12 bucks yesterday.  … Continue reading

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Guttenberg’s Steak House

Forget Danny Bonaduce!  Steve Guttenberg wants you to come to his steak house! Check out the commercial here.

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Recipe – Black Bean Sloppy Joes

I love me some sloppy joes.  It’s one of those dishes that fills my childhood memory.  American comfort food was the name of the cooking game when I was growing; nothing different from most other families really.  But a few … Continue reading

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Hot (Sauce) Comments About Eating Challenges Week

A couple of friends here at work took the time and effort to leave some stories about their own experiences with hot sauce that should never be ingested, so I thought I’d share. Up first is Jen, about her slightly … Continue reading

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Burger King Gets Racy, European Style!

Have you seen the new Burger King placemats popping up across Europe?  You reall should take a look.  They’re priceless.  And as I’ve said, I think Burger King has a corral of some of the perviest, most sexually-repressed graphic designers … Continue reading

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America’s Next Cooking Celebrity

Well, budding stars and starlets, here’s your chance for some interweb fame.  Better Homes and Garden is having a contest! From the comment left on my blog: You might want to let your readers know that Better Homes and Gardens … Continue reading

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Recipe – Pita Bread

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for over 2 months now.  But with the time I would need to put aside combined with the hot days that took over part of the summer, I just couldn’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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