Eat It! Celebrating Eating Challenges – Day 4

Schiappa's Pizza Challenge

Schiappa's Pizza Challenge

*It would help if I actually pressed publish on this article.  Sorry for the delay*

This is the kind of challenge after my own heart.  Yes.  Even I would have a hard time trying not to attempt to eat a 29″ pizza.  Of course, being a vegetarian, mine would have to be either all cheese, or covered in veggies.  But seriously, I think if I don’t eat the entire day, I could TOTALLY do this.

And, it’s only a quick, several hour drive away to try out Schiappa’s Pizza Challenge in O’Fallon, Illinois.  Slap some spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions on there, and I’d be good to go.

Don’t try to fool me with logic, and tell me that no one should try and eat their half a nearly 30″ pizza in 30 minutes.  Don’t try and warn me about my heart literally exploding from my chest in a spray of congealed mozarella cheese.

That’s how much I tend to crave the pizza.  I’ve nearly finished off entire large stuffed pizzas by myself.  It’s an unhealthy, but unavoidable addiction.  But there’s something about the cheese and the bread and the sauce that leaves me helpless to what I still consider to be the perfect meal.

Maybe 29 inches is too big for you.  Pointer’s Pizza offers a smaller pie that you may find doable.  It’s only 28 inches.  And you get an hour.  The main difference being, it also weighs over 13 pounds.  That’s a lot of damn pizza.

And you have to wonder if the restaurants are setting you up for failure.  They don’t announce the type of crust you’ll be up against.  A 28 or 29 inch pizza would be much easier to handle if it were a thin crust over a thick crust or pan pizza.  The bread alone would make it hard to finish the thicker the crust got.

But seriously.  It wouldn’t stop me.  And 500 dollars as a prize?  That’ll probably cover the trip to hospital in my celebratory ambulance ride.

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