Eat It! Celebrating Eating Challenges – Day 5

Denny's Beer Barrelled Belly Buster

Denny's Beer Barrelled Belly Buster

Wow.  A post a day.  I honestly didn’t think that would happen.  This idea started out of a need to force myself into posting more regularly and it seems to have worked.  Apparently while I may hate school I actually need the order and deadlines that it forces me to follow.

Day 5 ends this little experiment with a bang.  The Denny’s Beer Barrelled Belly Buster is a FIFTEEN POUND burger brought to your table, where you are given three hours to try and eat the entire sandwich.  Is sandwich the right word?  Maybe The Grim Reaper of Hamburgers is more appropriate.

Until they stopped letting official competitors tour the world and “train” at these various competitions, “many of America’s top ranked capacity eaters made the pilgrimage to Clearfield Pa. falling woefully short of completing the big burger in the three hour time limit. On January 12th, 2005, a day that will go down in competitive eating history, a 19 year old 115 lb. college freshman named Kate Stelnick walks in and completes the burger in 2 hours and 54 minutes.” (Association of Independent Competitive Eaters)

And just to give you meaty, carniverous nightmares, Denny’s created the FIFTY pound burger.  You can order that for a mere $180.  While not part of their challenge series, it does give you something to warn your children about.

“If you don’t finish your vegetables, we’re going to make you Denny’s Beer Barrelled Belly Bruiser by YOURSELF!  And if you don’t finish it ALL, they use YOU to make the next burger.”

Sentences like that definitely explain why I’m not a father.

Wanna make your own ridiculously large burger?  Just follow the simple steps on this You Tube video:

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