America’s Next Cooking Celebrity

America's Next Cooking Celebrity

America's Next Cooking Celebrity

Well, budding stars and starlets, here’s your chance for some interweb fame.  Better Homes and Garden is having a contest!

From the comment left on my blog:

You might want to let your readers know that Better Homes and Gardens magazine’s
( today launched America’s Next Cooking Celebrity online video contest.

To enter, upload your online cooking videos to BetterRecipes’s YouTube channel ( All videos should be one to three minutes in length, and submitted to the contest page by October 6, 2008. You must be 21 years of age to enter the contest, and you should cook your own original and unpublished recipe. For full official rules, visit

Two finalists from America’s Next Cooking Celebrity video contest will be flown to Des Moines, Iowa, for a Cook-Off in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. The grand prize in America’s Next Cooking Celebrity YouTube contest is 10 copies of a cookbook created by the winner on (, a Sony Camcorder, and a trip package to Des Moines, Iowa. The runner-up will win a trip package to Des Moines, Iowa and a Sony Camcorder. Ten honorable mention winners will receive a Sony Digital Camera.

Let your readers know that creativity and originality will get you noticed!

Katie, of course, thinks I should go for it, but here’s a little secret:  I’m not that interesting to watch cook.  I don’t necessarily know what I would do to change that.  I’m at my funniest when: a) Katie’s around and I’m keeping her entertained, and b) I’m usually dressed in just my boxers.

No one needs to see that.  Even if it would net me some prizes.

But what’s stopping our more photogenic readers out there from winning for their very own.  Just send me a signed copy of your finished cookbook.

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