Schweppe – Lombard, IL

Mega Mixer!

Mega Mixer!

Gadget freaks, food lovers, Chicago suburbanites, run, don’t walk to Schweppe out in Lombard.  They’re a restaurant wholesaler that is also open to the public.  We were able to acquire one dozen flatware sets for all of 12 bucks yesterday.  Seriously, how can you beat that?  Sure, they may not look as nice as something you pick up at Williams-Sonoma, but let’s be serious; if you’re paying for a flatware set that serves 4 and costs over $100, the silverware better be able to find its own way to your mouth.

And oh the gadgets, the glorious gadgets.  Get kiboshed the 4-foot whisk I wanted to buy as kitchen direction, but just know that you can buy a FOUR FOOT WHISK.  You can also buy large, metal margarita glasses, along with various foodstuffs. I picked up vegetarian soup bouillion for 4 bucks that I may never need soup bouillion again.

Of course, their main focus is for the actual food industry, so the back room is full of ridiculously large bowls, chafing dishes, stoves, sinks, and the like.  But, the entire front of the store is like a food lover’s wet dream.  At least it was for me.  I picked up a microplane and rolling pin for 6 bucks each, a timer for 10, and a wee-tiny egg whisk for 60 cent. I’ll definitely be hopping a train out there once we’re settled into our new digs, and figure out what kind of stuff we’re missing.

And if I walk away with a 4-foot whisk, what’s the harm?

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