American Pie Has Nothin’ On THIS Cake

Fruit Fucker Cake by Brian Kurtz

Fruit Fucker Cake by Brian Kurtz

For those in the know of the world of geek, this weekend is PAX 2008.  The weekend long party celebrating all things gaming was created as a pseudo-alternative to the over the top marketing machine that was E3.  The brainchild of the evil geniuses behind Penny Arcade, one of the grandfathers of webcomics, itself has turned into quite the big todo.  In fact, three of my friends who run Player One Podcast are up in Washington this weekend for the first time to experience the festivities.

So how is all this food related?  Brian, the brother of Scott Kurtz,  creator of PvP Comics, created an awesomely tasteless cake based on one of Penny Arcade’s most popular characters, the Fruit Fucker.  He doesn’t just juice fruits, he destroys them.

As I said, awesomely tasteless.

From Scott’s blog post:

“Currently, Brian only makes cakes part time, but he’s looking to do more professional work. If you’re looking for a way to make your corporate event or special occasion really shine, please email him at

Brian, like me, is local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area but is willing to work with you to either ship a cake or travel to your event. So don’t be afraid to contact him if you live in another state.”

The cake though is a work of art, rivaling anything the Ace of Cakes team creates.  It’s too bad he’s local only, I would totally have him make me a birthday cake.

Check out more photos here

And check out more of his awesomely geeky cakes, here.

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