Big City Livin’

Katie and I are mostly unpacked and living up in our fancy highrise condo.  It’s hilarious, because we very obviously don’t fit in with the rest of the clientele, so we feel like the punk highschool kids who sneak into the prom and try to spike the punch before causing a fight, ruining what could be the highlight for many a blonde cheerleader.

Needless to say, I feel right at home.

As someone who has spent most of his life in the same house, it’s definitely a bit of a difference crawling into bed with someone now.  And I’m still not comfortable sleeping in our new bed, since I’ve had the same bad for over 20 years.  It still feels like an extended stay at a hotel on some days.

The biggest problem is trying to set the kitchen up the way I’d like it.  With less space, there’s more situating that needs to be done, and it’s making things occasionally confusing.  And that’s not including the fact that nowhere in a small apartment is there room for a 25lb bag of flour.  And I haven’t even bought the rest of my baking supplies.

That hasn’t kept me from cooking though.  I’ve made plenty of soup (Fiesta Con Queso) and some pasta (baked ziti with roasted red peppers).  I’ve also learned the hard way that our fire detector is ridiculously sensitive to any smoke.

We haven’t had a chance to really eat out anywhere yet, but we’re making a list of places to try:

I’ve already discovered the Berry Chill that’s on my walk to work.  That could get unhealthy for the wallet.

Khyber Pass – Right down the street from us, and a 10 dollar Indian lunch buffet!

The Counter: Custom Built Burgers – Up in Lincoln Park.  Their menu is ridiculous.  I must try it.

iCream – Instant custom ice cream, using liquid nitrogen to freeze the dairy.  Not huge on the oddly dirty name though.

Chicago peoples, any other places we need to check out?  What’s your favorite pizza in the area (for the money, mine is Art of Pizza).

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One Response to Big City Livin’

  1. E says:

    ACTUALLY, we put our 25 lb. bag of flour on the floor of the spice closet. Perfect fit! oh, and Naz and I have been to iCream twice and their iCream machine was broken both times. lame to the max. Hope you guys are enjoying your diggs!

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