Tom Colicchio Wants Your Money

Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio

Look, I like Top Chef.  It’s one of the only reality shows I actually watch and enjoy.  The other?  Wipeout.  Who doesn’t love seeing people try jumping over ridiculously large balls?  But that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that Tom Colicchio, who seems like a serious, but friendly guy, may be moving into the “full of himself” slash “celebrity douche” chef status with what is supposedly his newest venture (NYT via Gawker):

At a press conference (yes, an actual press conference) this morning, Tom Colicchio unveiled his plans for a new restaurant which, like Brigadoon, will magically appear at designated intervals, then vanish from sight.

It will be called Tom: Tuesday Dinner. But Mr. Colicchio appeared far from sold on the name, at one point saying, “If somebody can think of a better one, I’ll change it.”

The restaurant will probably serve about 80 diners a month, which is almost certain to make this one of the toughest tickets in town. Reservations will be taken by telephone six weeks in advance, and the price of the meal ($150 to $250 depending on the menu) will have to be prepaid with a credit card. Menus will only be announced about a week before each meal; they will be posted on a website,

I mean, come on!  As if the “underground dinner” experiences weren’t elitest enough, now we have a guy I had some respect for creating a magical, disappearing “restaurant” that will only be open twice a month serving a mere 80 people for a ridiculous price.  As if we needed something like to try and take more of our money in a fairly uncertain economic time.

I call for all the celebrity chefs to create 15 dollar lunch menus to help ease the economic recession, not 150-300 dollar “mystery” dinners to stroke the egos of the few well-to-do asshats who aren’t afraid to toss around money like that.

Hell, for 50 bucks, I’ll have people come over to my apartment once a month and cook them some food, and we’ll even watch a movie while I give them a deep tissue shoulder massage.

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2 Responses to Tom Colicchio Wants Your Money

  1. andry says:

    xwacsI comment5 ,

  2. That’s a little crazy. What’s the purpose in eating somewhere you can never enjoy again? Must be a large cash in…

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