Warren Ellis in the Kitchen

Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis

If you want some recipes, written like no one but Warren Ellis can do, check out his Experiments in Food post.

A couple choice passages from his Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Garlic Mash:

“Open a bottle of beer…a proper beer, damnit…Pour some down your throat. Now pour some inWarren Ellis the tinfoil. A mouthful or so. Spit your mouthful out into the pocket if you’d like. I mean, it’d be disgusting, but the person you’re cooking for will never know, right?”


“Take three sweet potatos and peel them. This is a pain in the arse. Use a small knife and pare off the skin in motions that go away from your body, like Sarah Palin field-dressing a moose.”

or even:

“Once the water’s boiling, fling the bastards in. You can pretend they’re screaming as they hit the boiling water if you like. Try not to let people catch you making the noises.”

He’s one hilarious, angry, usually drunken comic writer.

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