Lean Cuisine Recalls

Thanks to the Red Eye here in Chicago for passing along this information.  Now I get to pass it on to you!


The makers of Lean Cuisine are recalling three of its frozen chicken meals that may contain pieces of plastic, according to federal officials.

The affected items are:

Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta, 9.5-ounce packages with production code 8280595912 and an expiration date of May 2010

Chicken Mediterranean, 10.5-ounce packages with production codes 8231595912 or 8241595912 and expiration dates of September 2010.

Chicken Mediterranean packages with production codes of 8263595912, 8269595911 or 8274595912 with expiry dates of October 2010.

Chicken Mediterranean packages with production codes 8291595912 or 8301595912 with expiry dates of November 2010.

Chicken Tuscan, 12.5-ounce packages with production codes 8234595911 with expiry dates September 2009; production codes 8253595911 or 8269595911 with expiry dates October 2009; production codes 8292595911 or 8296595911 with expiry dates November 2009.

The production codes and expiration dates are on the sides of the packages. All boxes carry the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection mark EST P-9018.

The plastic can cause serious injury or death if ingested, according to the USDA’s Web site.

Lean Cuisine products are made by Nestle Prepared Foods Co. in Springville, Utah.

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