Duke of Perth – Chicago, IL

duke-logoIn the deepest, darkest recesses of my heart, I realize that I am truly an old English man desperately looking for the pub on the corner that’s quiet, dark, and doesn’t have a TV blasting the local sports.

I think I may have found the closest thing to that available here in Chicago with the Duke of Perth on Clark Street.

Located at the end of the block, complete with tiny step up, Duke of Perth is possibly my new favorite place to go get a drink.  If I lived up in that neighborhood, I’d be hard pressed not to go in for a pint and just relax at a table.

It’s dark.  It’s cozy.  It’s quiet.  You can’t go wrong.

And the food is pretty tasty too.  Seeing as how it IS a traditional Scottish bar, so vegetarian pickings are indeed slim.  You have your choice of veggie fries or Murrayfield Mac (deep fried mac & cheese squares), but I’m pretty sure they’re cooked in the same oil as the fish.

Dinner brings you a grilled veggie sandwich or a Hebridean Leek Pie.  The leek pie is some tasty comfort food.  Filled with cheese & potatoes, it’s perfect cold weather food.  K80 tried the Islay Chicken Sandwich, a fairly large burger for the 9 bucks it cost.

The beer list is typical, as are their prices.  The Tennant’s lager was nice and fresh, reminding you a bit more of spring weather the weather we had that day.  Their big draw (for drinkers) is the list of over 50 aged malts they have available.  If I knew anything about alcohol, I’m sure I’d be pretty impressed.

As much as I was won over by the atmosphere of the Duke, there were a couple near misses.  The Murrayfield Mac seemed like it was just deep-fried Kraft Blue Box Mac & Cheese.  I think if they took the time to find a thicker noodle and melt the cheese fresh, they’d have a much stronger appetizer.  And again, I’m pretty sure they deep fry everything in the same vat, because the mac & cheese had a definite fishy aftertaste to it.  For someone like me, it wasn’t a huge deal, but stricter vegetarians should beware.

Duke of Perth
2913 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 477-1741

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