Wow Bao – Chicago, IL

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Uploaded by christmascarol

Living in Chicago, it’s a lot harder now to eat with a modicum of health.  You’re surrounded by readily available, usually tasty, but always most likely unhealthy food.  Hell, we have a Giordano’s at the end of our block.  We’ve had more Giordano’s in the past three months than what usually filled a year.  So, sure I may be losing weight in my wallet, I’m definitely making up for it with cheese and fried goods.

And that’s why I’m thankful for Wow Bao, and the fact they opened up a new location at State & Lake.  I’ve been a fan of Wow Bao since first discovering them at Water Tower Place; and was even happier to have the one on Jackson open.  Now I could walk myself to some edamame stuffed dough on a lunch break.

What is a bao, you ask?  Well, as fans of Firefly and Serenity could tell you, bao are a steamed bun stuffed with meats or vegetable.  They’re a Chinese meal staple, and provide a quick, cheap meal that isn’t a Quarter-Pounder or Whopper covered in various secret sauces.

Each of the Wow Bao locations have the basics of bao: teriyaki chicken, spicy kung pao chicken, whole wheat edamame, thai curry chicken, spicy mongolian beef, and bbq pork.  But what makes the locations both great and sometimes aggravating is the special bao that may only be available at one location.  Water Tower was offering a Spicy Eggplant bao for a limited time, which was unavailble in the other stores.  And now the State & Lake location is offering up a Green Tea-8 Vegetable Bao.

Bao not your deal?  They also offer potstickers, salads, soups and rice bowls.  And the spicy peanut noodle salad?  That will wake you the fuck up.  It’s also highly recommended.

Some of the locations even have dessert covered.  The Jackson location now offers frozen yogurt.  All locations offer a coconut custard bao.  And the State & Lake location was even offering Green Tea Mochi during the fall months.

Top all the food off with some handmade ginger-ale or a Thai Iced Coffee, and hot damn, you have yourself a meal.

With a 2 bao/salad deal for 6 bucks, it may not be as cheap as the other fast food joints, but you definitely won’t be regretting your purchase like you would a Taco Bell meal.

Wow Bao
1 W Wacker Dr

Chicago, IL

(312) 658-0305

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