Chicago Curry House – Chicago, IL

We’re off to vegas for a week, but I figure this will give me a chance to write some twitted like reviews.

First up, we stopped at the recently opened Chicago Curry House in the South Loop after finishing up some last minute shopping at Target. Located at 899 S. Plymouth, it’s not an easy find. We ended up in a condo with the same address and had to be pointed in the right direction by the security guard.

Once we finally found the restaurant we were greeted with the familiar pungent aroma that only an Indian place can deliver.

The staff was friendly and attentive which comes with a restaurant left empty due to the winter storm that just wouldn’t quite go away this past Sunday.

The big draw, at least for me, was the idea that it was a napalese restaurant along with the traditional Indian food. We went with the veggie platter appetizer: a single samosa along with some vegetable and paneer pakora. The highlight definitely being the deep fried cheese.

I decided to try the veg bojhan platter, a sampler of the various vegetarian Nepalese dishes they offered. Disappointingly, it all tasted like less-spiced Indian dishes, with the only major highlight being the spinach saag. The dish wasn’t just spiced but also pretty damn spicy. Other dishes were some mildly spiced potatoes, spiced cauliflower, yellow lentils, a salad with dressing, and some kheer for dessert.

Katie went with the tikka chicken masala, which was again mildly flavored, but still tasty.

The biggest problem with Chicago Curry House was that the food just wasn’t tasty enough for the 50 dollar check that we racked up. If it had blown our minds we would have been far happier, but when you can get bigger portions for less money at any decent buffet, it just makes you realize how little you actually got.

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