Chi-Town Pizzeria – Chicago, IL

Photo Courtesy of the Onion

Photo Courtesy of The Onion

Let me get this out of the way right now by saying this is in no way, shape or form Chicago style pizza.  Don’t e-mail me and say I’m a traitor to the term pizza, or I don’t know what pizza is.  I know this is New York style pizza hiding in the Pedway of The Loop.  I don’t feel like getting into the argument on which is the better kind of pizza.  I believe that pizza is the United Nations of foods.  All are welcome, because you CANNOT go wrong with a bread covered in cheese and sauce.  It’s mathematically impossible.

I also know that any self-respecting Chicagoan wouldn’t call their restaurant Chi-Town, much like any self-respecting San Fransiscan wouldn’t refer to the Bay Area as Frisco.  I know.  I get it.

Here’s the thing though.  If Chi-Town Pizzeria continues to make their pizza as delicious as it is, I don’t care what they call themselves.  They can call themselves “Chicagoan’s Eat Dicks Pizzeria” and I’ll still gladly order a 20″ pie from this place.  Because this is the kind of thin crust I love.  Grease drips off the giant triangular slab of cheese and dough, enticing you to soak it back up with the crust.  And you do, because the flavor is not of this earth.  Yes, it’s hyperbole, but I’m willing to say the pizza is THAT good.  It’s the perfect late night, too much booze in your system type of pizza.  It’s greasy and cheesy, and it’s making me hungry just typing this up.

How much do I love this pizza?  A 20″ pizza is not safe around me.  I will fold those large slices up into the prerequisite pizza-taco and eat my way through the entire thing until there’s nothing left but a greasy cardboard container and my cheese-clogged guilt.  We have nearly ordered this pizza once a week for the past 2 months without want of discovering the other pizza places in our area.

How is their other food?  I have no idea.  Their breadsticks are just average, the kind you’d expect from free delivery breadsticks.  The marinara sauce that comes with them is nothing to write home about.  Maybe one day we’ll expand our menu selections, but for now that greasy cheese pizza is all we need.

Located in the Metra Electric Line station, the place is easy to miss.  I walked by it for months assuming it was nothing more than a foodcourt pizza place; more Sbarro than the awesome it is.  They also have a regular location (11 W Division St) that handles late night deliveries (think 3 AM), but if you’re in the Loop and you need some pizza, you can’t go wrong with Chi-Town.

151 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL
(312) 938-1111

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