Tilted Kilt – Chicago, IL

p. David Kadlubowski - The Arizona Republic

p. David Kadlubowski - The Arizona Republic

I don’t even know if I can accurately review Tilted Kilt, the recently opened Loop sports bar at 17 N. Wabash.  I mean, for someone like me, I know how to search for all the T&A I need online.  And the best part is it’s free.  I don’t feel obligated to buy an appetizer or beer so I don’t feel quite so skeevy going in to gawk at the breasts and butts on display.  Let’s be honest, that’s pretty much the only reason this bar exists.  It’s like the dream bar for someone who wanted a slightly higher class Hooters; while also harboring a dark fetish for short kilts.  And it is a fetish, because that’s the closest thing to Celtic or Irish that exists in this place.

Don’t get me wrong, you can never go wrong with the baring of flesh, but in today’s world when burlesque shows and strip clubs are so mainstream, do we have to masquerade our need to see boobs under the thin disguise of being a sports bar?  At least when you go to a strip club everyone knows the score.  You’re there to see nudity; and the women (or men) are there to take your money.  At Tilted Kilt you can’t help but feel just the slightest bit dirty trying to covertly sneak a peak at some cleavage, or gawk at the legs on display underneath the kilt.  It upsets the balance between restaurant and strip club.  You want to stare but you feel like you’re breaking the unwritten laws of not leering at your restaurant server.

The food is tertiary to the drinks which follows a distant second to the T&A.  The service is what it is.  In our case, it was mediocre at best.  The waitress was eager to serve, stopping by several times while we looked over the menu.  But once the food arrived she disappeared, which was a problem since the order was wrong.  Katie’s pulled-pork sandwich, ordered without coleslaw, looked like the kitchen realized after they put it on the sandwich it shouldn’t be there.  Pieces of coleslaw seemed hidden inside the pork.  It took 10 minutes to flag down the waitress, and another 30 minutes to finally get a replacement burger which we asked for to go at that point.

p. AZ Central

p. AZ Central

Vegetarians, unless you’re looking for a “celtic” restaurant that serves pizza, give it a pass.  The pizza was good, but nothing memorable.  I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so pissed that I had to eat my meal in front of Katie while she waited for the sandwich.  Once she finally did get her pulled pork she was pretty disappointed, giving it the “it’s a sandwich alright” review.

Sure it’s fun to be titillated, and the short plaid skirts fill out the school-girl fantasy most men are ashamed to admit they have; but when the talk in front of a restaurant/bar is “DUDE, I *TOTALLY* saw some nip!”, eventually the lure of boobs will wear off, and what will the place be left with?

17 N Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL
(312) 269-5580

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17 Responses to Tilted Kilt – Chicago, IL

  1. James says:

    Go figure, Temecila Cali, closed Hooters due to “active Violations’ of Lewdness” but now Tilted Kilt has no issue. So be it, i dont mind either, but i do miss the Wings from Chicken tits though!!

  2. John B says:

    :: Oak Brook Terrace Review ::
    Great place to be served by some of the most fabulous scantily clad ladies and put back a few beers. High-Def flat-screens everywhere you look. The Staff was obviously chosen for it’s timing, cause the service is spot-on! But, don’t eat the food. Go somewhere else to dine and then, and only then go for a few pints at the Kilt. God as my witness the food is an insult to all things atrocious in the World. I’ve ate there three times, and I’ve given it all the patience I got. Believe me. This place takes the Oscar for ghastly outcomes eating off this menu. I’ve had the Cheeseburger with the Sweet Potato Fries, the Turkey-Wrap, and the Fish Tacos. Reading the menu is tempting. But don’t let it fool you, the outcome is undesirable. Been there for Dinner twice and once for lunch. Heed my caution, I cannot say that enough. I have a very strong feeling The Kilt is not a “scratch” kitchen. I suppose all the food comes from a commissary or “out-of-a-box”. The folks I dined with all had the same uncomfortable feeling I’ve experienced a few hours later. Don’t let a great evening with the Kilted Waitresses get ruined by uncomfortable forms of indigestion a few hours later. Go for the Beer and the very-genuinely friendly and warm waitresses.

  3. Kevin Flynn says:

    Oh and by the way, taking a female… MISTAKE #1…

    • TwobitMe says:

      Mistake #1 is not taking a female. Especially the one I’m marrying that usually wants to go to the strip clubs more than I do. That’s just a cliche.

  4. Lucas Leone says:

    This Review is way off base! Great Food, Great Time & Great Looking Women That Have No Problem With You Gawking at Them! Look its what we as humans do!

    • TwobitMe says:

      Way off base is a matter of opinion, as was the review. We didn’t have a experience with great food or a great time, and one can only assume the girls don’t have a problem with you staring at them. I’ve also learned sometimes they just want a REALLY large tip at the end of the meal. Glad you had a great experience though.

  5. Da Man says:

    Review sucks. I just hit the Tilted Kilt in Chicago and found the selection of beer outstanding and the food — steak, sausages and fried clams — well above par for sportsbars.

    The Tilted Kilt waitress are smoking hot, friendly, and attentive. So the author’s afraid to leer at them? That’s his problem.

    • TwobitMe says:

      Actually, I never said I was afraid to look at them, just that I’d rather go to a strip club and pay the girls there for basically the same thing and get the full show.

      • Kevin Flynn says:

        Okay, so here is my take, it’s about the only thing interesting and with a pulse within walking distance to work. I am in Columbus Ohio and this place just opened up Nov 2010 RIGHT NEXT to a hooters.. they are closing now. I think the go out of business end of May. I eat there religiously (at least 1-2 times a week) for lunch. I’ve had only 1 miscook and in lightning speed a new burger M.R. was out! At MY kilt, they sit down with you and “schmooze” and make very friendly. In fact I find it ironic the author makes comparison to a strip club. because looking at the type they are all hitting the pole at night. They act EXACTLY like girls trying to get you to buy a lap dance.. Hey as far as I am concerned, the food there DECIMATES any strip club or sports bar I’ve ever entered. They are incredibly hot have lots of ink and flirt like mad SITTING AT YOUR TABLE… so looks like AZ has a real douchebag manager that REALLY wanted to own a sports bar, not a Tilted Kilt….

        My 2¢

      • TwobitMe says:

        I don’t necessarily see how you’re disagreeing with me. May as well be a strip club. Food is just okay. But if you’re going to pick a place like this, go with Tilted Kilt over Hooters. At least they serve up better fetishes.

  6. CRISTINA says:


  7. Trish says:

    I work at Outback steakhouse and Tilted Kilt and I happen to eat the food at Tilted Kilt all the time, its DELICIOUS and the girls i work with are GORGEOUS, its just an innocent self esteem boosting FUN job. And since ive worked there the past 5 months ive never seen an upset customer 🙂 so maybe you should come visit oshkosh, wi 🙂

  8. John says:

    If the food sucks in California, come to the one in Chicago, food is above average,,,and the women are WAY above average.

    As for the outfits, don’t women wear clothes to get men’s attention anyway, every single day??

    So no need to bash these girls for their outfits, they are no less honest for their outfits than any other woman.

    • TwobitMe says:

      Actually, I was talking about the one in Chicago.

      And I’m not bashing women. If anything I’m just saying it’s a cheap ploy on the part of the restaurant to mask the mediocre food that they serve.

  9. jonny says:

    yes the food sucks.
    would I kick it if the waitresses were fat retarded senior women?
    clearly…….no I would not…….who would.

    I am in palm desert ca….new tk opened up right?

    it has: darts, video games, pool, 25 flat screens, putting green – 7 holes of it, my fav ales, all ppv ufc fight – 5 to get in, and……………..water fall fountain with color lights at night.

    yes the titties……who does not like big boobs.

    it’s not che pierre’s dude…….relax. don’t be so harsh.

    — jonny

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