P.S. Bangkok – Snapshot Review

Our original plan was to finally check out Matsuya after several recommendations; but with time short we made an executive decision to hit up P.S. Bangkok instead.

Appetizers were a fried sweet corn cake and tofu satay. The corn cake was perhaps lacking a little too much flavor, relying solely on the dipping sauce to add something to the deep fried crunch. The satay, however, was supremely satisfying. The peanut sauce was not the typical thick, rich paste; but instead a perfectly flavored drizzle on top of the already well marinated tofu.

The Pad Thai was easily some of the best I’ve eaten since moving to the city, perfectly creamy and seasoned. Katie was also pleased with her Chicken Panang Curry, complaining only that she could have used some vegetables to mix up the flavors.

Relativley fast AND affordable, P.S. Bangkok was definitely a nice surprise for two people originally in the mood for some sushi.

P.S. Bangkok
3345 N Clark St

, IL 60657

(773) 871-7777

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