Review: Durian Candy

Recently, I had a “friend” ask me to try a candy she picked up while in New York. I put friend in quotes because the candy was picked up in China Town and flavored to match the only thing that I’ve seen to make Andrew Zimmerman nearly vomit: The Durian.  So I can only assume my “friend” is actually the devil.

So, does the fact I actually ate one of these things a tougher man than Andrew Zimmerman?  I can only assume yes.  Does it make me tougher than everyone in the Asian countries where this fruit is banned for its smell alone? Again, I can only assume yes.  Sure, I was subjected to a mere fraction of the smell and taste, but this candy had ACTUAL durian flavoring! It’s completely and totally the same thing.

So what did it taste like? Well for people who are fans of both bananas and onions, this is the candy for you. With a texture of taffy, the flavor can only be described as a banana and onion smoothie. If only Jamba Juice offered something like this on their menu.  I could avoid it just like I would another chance to eat this candy.

The disturbing thing?  It still tasted better than the octopus flavored corn chip I was offered a few months back.

Rereading that sentence, I need to rethink the things my “friends” offer me to try.

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4 Responses to Review: Durian Candy

  1. tak says:

    I like Durian, actually, but I can’t eat more than one fleshy seed because I get dizzy quickly. I don’t see why other people find its taste and smell revolting… The smell is just… strong, I think.

    And durian candies, tarts, and even durian ice cream are really sweet indulgences. 🙂

  2. bitter melon says:

    Yeah, I’m asian and I love that sh*t. Eating durian fresh is like sucking on a wet sock, but somehow it still tastes good to me. And durian ice cream? oh baby.

  3. punch a baby says:

    i thought asians were the only 1s eating the durian fruit tbh, lol gf with the candy. durian tastes like dead rats with 100 year old onions.

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