This will be a change

So I went to a nutritionist yesterday and she was…intense. She told me everything I was eating was wrong, and I’m cutting that all out right now this instant. I shouldn’t have all these problems, and it’s all food based (probably not). But she gave me 54 pages in reading homework. I’m a student all over again. I haven’t read a bit of it. Some of it looks sensationalistic i.e. “HOW GLUTEN IS POISONING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!”

But I know I need to eat better.

But can I survive a 7-day detox?

We’ll all find out real soon.

I converted all the reading to a PDF and Kindle file so I can carry it around much easier. I’m sharing it here so you can play at home with me. I’ll  make a bingo card. “No grains” will be the free space.

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