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These Shoes Were Made For Eating

Thanks to the always fun Bonniegrrl, geek goddess and general seductress, I now know that we can all wear bacon on our feet thanks to Keds.  Get ’em now!  They’re only 60 dollars!

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Tom Colicchio Wants Your Money

Look, I like Top Chef.  It’s one of the only reality shows I actually watch and enjoy.  The other?  Wipeout.  Who doesn’t love seeing people try jumping over ridiculously large balls?  But that’s not the point of this post.  The … Continue reading

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Drink Cola At An Early Age!

I need a copy of this for our kitchen.  Framed and on the wall.  I love old advertisements, but this may be the best one I’ve seen in years. How soon is too soon? Not soon enough. Laboratory tests over … Continue reading

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Ortega Tacos’ Unintentionally Perverse Shawn Johnson Ad

I can’t tell if the people at Ortega honestly didn’t realize what they were getting a 16-year-old girl to say, or if this is some of the smartest, most subversive, sex-sells advertising I’ve seen since Joe Camel’s Penis Nose.

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