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Tilted Kilt – Chicago, IL

I don’t even know if I can accurately review Tilted Kilt, the recently opened Loop sports bar at 17 N. Wabash.  I mean, for someone like me, I know how to search for all the T&A I need online.  And … Continue reading

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If only I were a coffee-nerd.  I think I’d feel right at home at Cafe up in North Center if I enjoyed coffee as much as Kevin Porter does.  Because, the dude loves coffee.  He has that glimmer in … Continue reading

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Episode 7: Closed Doors, Severed Limbs, and Vegetarian Gumbo

The only Thai cuisine restaurant in Romeoville closes not with a bang but a whimper.  Mike and Katie introduce and discuss Machine Girl, the first in the Two Bites in Suburbia Dinner Movie Series.  And Mike heads down to New … Continue reading

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ABC’s Hungry Hound Drools Over Blue Water Grill’s Cracker Jack Sundae

I am not embarrassed to be free advertising for my friend and the skills he shares with everyone ordering a dessert from his restaurant. He’s not only one of the most talented pasty chefs I know, he’s humble, funny, and … Continue reading

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Episode 6: MRIs, Encased Meats & Margaritos

Twobitme & Katie return from their 2 week hiatus to discuss Hot Doug’s, Red Mango, Genghis Grill, along with a plethora of other edible fun. They also discuss an update on Mike’s health. The least researched, most opinionated podcast about … Continue reading

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Two Bites in Suburbia – Episode 5: Two Bites In Suburbia Episode 5: Synthetic Skin, Pepper Clouds & Garlic Dates

Mike and Katie discuss what may be the most disgusting souvenir ever, along with some of Mike’s latest edible concoctions.  To top of the episode, they review Macarena Tapas in Naperville. The least researched, most opinionated show about Chicago and … Continue reading

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Purgatory Pizza – Chicago, IL

Main Entry: pur·ga·to·ry Pronunciation: \ˈpər-gə-ˌtȯr-ē\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural pur·ga·to·ries Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French or Medieval Latin; Anglo-French purgatorie, from Medieval Latin purgatorium, from Late Latin, neuter of purgatorius purging, from Latin purgare Date: 13th century an intermediate … Continue reading

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Holy Poop, We Have Our Own Podcast

Katie and I did something crazy over the weekend.  We created our own Podcast.  We decided to see if its any fun, and surprisingly it is.  Is it fun for YOU to listen to?  We hope so. But, it is … Continue reading

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Opinionated About Alinea & Avenues

It looks like Alinea and Avenues here in Chicago can add another bullet point on their award list. Opinionated About Dining just released their Top 100 Restaurants in North America and Europe with Alinea and Avenues both ranking up there. … Continue reading

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April Fool’s In Chicago & The Foodverse

Did you know that Grant Achatz of Alinea is working with McDonald’s? It’s true according to Gaper’s Block. The Chicago Reader’s Omnivorous profiles a new restaurant that you’ll never be allowed inside. Peek inside The Crib. Slashfood discusses the very … Continue reading

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